What to wear for pole dancing

Posted: Jun 05 2012

You need to wear suitable clothing for any sport and pole dancing is no different.   

Comfortable shorts that stretch and move with your body during your workout. You need to have bare legs as your skin is used to grip the pole. You may not feel at ease wearing small shorts at first, but as you progress and master the moves you will feel more confident

A vest top or crop top is best as more of your skin is exposed to help you grip the pole. This will also help you keep cool as pole dancing is a great fitness workout and you’ll get hot and may work up a sweat. You may also want to wear a sports bra for additional support.

You can do pole dancing in bare feet or trainers.  Trainers are advised during warm up and cool down and as you progress with your moves you will find it easier to use your bare feet to grip the pole.

Like with any sport you should wear jogging bottoms and a top while you warm up and after the workout when you cool down as this will help avoid injury.

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