How to install your pole dancing pole

Posted: Jun 05 2012

Fitting your pole dancing pole is much easier than you may expect. The X-Pole Sport and Xpert models can be easily assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes and don’t need any permanent fixings, so you don’t need to leave them up all the time if you have limited space and they won’t damage your ceilings or floors. X-poles come with a great installation guide and they have also produced an online video showing the installation process.  Links to view the videos are below. 

X-poles are bottom loading (the weight is held by the floor, not the ceiling) and can be used on almost all floor types, even carpet. When fitting your pole you need to ensure that the top plate is against a ceiling joist so that the pole is securely braced. You can locate a joist by tapping the ceiling and listening for the change from a hollow noise to a solid one - the solid area is where the joist is. 

You can also use a stud-finder, available from most DIY stores.

No ladder is needed to install the pole (once you know where your joists are) as the X-pole adjuster system lets you adjust the pole height from the bottom, so that it’s the correct height for your room.

Both the X-Pole Sport and Xpert models come ready for room heights between 2235mm (7’ 4”) to 2745mm (9’), for higher ceilings you can buy extension tubes to increase the pole height.

You need to allow enough space around the pole for you to comfortably perform your moves, so the centre of the room is usually the most suitable spot.

X Pole Sport Installation Video -

X Pole Xpert Installation Video -

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