EPDC Finals 2012

Posted: Jun 07 2012

On June 3rd Emma's Pole Dancing Competition took place at the Guildhall Theatre in Derby. Here's a round up of all the winners!  Well done to all the competitors and we hope to get involved next year. 

Amateurs Category 
1. Jennie Bradley 
2. Nikki Annision
3. Rachel Fraser-Burton
4. Natasha Medlin
5. Eloise Summerfield
6. Patrica Cowie

Watch Video of Nikki Annision who came second in the Amateurs Category

Advanced Category 
1. Alissa Pearson
2. Zoe Haslam
3. Krystle Kimbe
4. Julanne Barry
5. Caroline Rees

Doubles Category 
1. Hannah Capocci Cat Sampbell 
2. Leah Walters and Rachel Breheney 
3. Samantha Gaunt_& Danny Mellor 
4. Fran Ruston and Sarah Stubbs 
5. Jane Cowell Rebekah Metcalfe 

Expert Category 
1. Amy Cowels 
2. Sophie Geldeard 
3. Amy Williams 
4. Misty Toni Mansell 
5. Rachel Breheney 
6. Cara Collis 
7. Angela Martin

Watch the Video of Guest performer Sarah Scott

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