• Pole Motion DVD - The Pole Fitness Workout
  • Pole Motion DVD - The Pole Fitness Workout

Pole Motion DVD - The Pole Fitness Workout

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Get fit, have fun and look sexy with the pole fitness workout.

Whether you're new to pole fitness or an experienced pole dancer looking for a fun workout that will help improve your technique, the Pole Motion DVD is for you!

It features step by step instruction, covering basic spins, poses, pole sits, floorwork and hand grips.

It's packed with 3 lessons, 4 routines, 3 tone up sessions, a fun warm up routine around the pole, stretch out session and special bonus features.

Pole Motion has featured in Glamour Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine, The Sunday Mirror and handbag.com and has a 5 star rating on Amazon!


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What's in the DVD:

Introduction... Meet Justine and find out more about pole fitness and the DVD

Warm Up... Fun routine moving around the pole to get warmed up and ready for the workout

Lesson 1... Walking, Fireman Spin, step around & underarm turn (aka half pirouette), Arch, Back Slide (with leg extension), Roll, Cat Slide and Spring Up, Swan Slide, Back Hook

Lesson 2... Corkscrew, Forward Hook, Scissor Kick, Chair Spin, Squat, Sun Wheel (aka attitude), Body Wave

Lesson 3... Fan Kick, Cradle, Pole Climb, Pole Sit, Step & Kick, Under Grip Swan, Horizontal Hook Spin, Leg Circles, Sun Wheel off the floor & Hook

Routines 1, 2 & 3... Moves from lesson 1, 2 & 3 put together in a flowing easy to follow routine

Tone Up Session 1... Squats, Chin Ups, Tricep Push, Fireman Hold, Swan 

Tone Up Session 2...Standing Row, Pull Down, Chest Fly, Oblique Twist,Lateral Leg Lift

Tone Up Session 3... Chin Ups with Leg Raises, Under Grip Knee Lifts, Cradle Hold, Chair Hold, Pole Tuck

Stretch Out... Stretches around the pole to stretch out muscles and increase flexibility

Extras... Behind the scenes, bonus routine, pole terminology, testimonials, credits

Bonus Routine... Squat, Body Waves, Walking, Step Around & Hook, Chair Spin, Underarm Turn, Scissor Kick, Pole Climb, Pole Sit, Swan Slide, Back Bend

PDC Approved pole fitness DVD The DVD is hosted by Justine McLucas from Ecole de Pole, one of the elite polers of Great Britain and a respected performer and instructor. Her skills and knowledge from a career as a professional ballerina and qualified Fitness and Pilates Instructor make her the ideal person to trust with your pole dancing tuition.

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