• X-Pole Xpert (NX) Spinning Pole Dancing Pole
  • X-Pole Xpert (NX) Spinning Pole Dancing Pole
  • X-Pole Xpert (NX) Spinning Pole Dancing Pole
  • X-Pole Xpert (NX) Spinning Pole Dancing Pole
  • X-Pole Xpert (NX) Spinning Pole Dancing Pole
  • X-Pole Xpert (NX) Spinning Pole Dancing Pole

X-Pole Xpert (NX) Spinning Pole Dancing Pole




X-Pole Xpert 40mm, 45mm and 50mm Pole Dancing Poles

** Important: all poles ordered now may not be delivered until after Christmas. **

The X-Pole XPERT is the worlds first 'bottom' loading, static and spinning pole dance pole. Designed with professional dancers and pole tricks in mind the XPERT incorporates all the features required to meet the demands of the world's best pole dancers.

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The load is taken by the floor, not the ceiling, and no ladder is needed for installation. The XPERT pole uses X-Pole's exclusive adjuster system to expand and fully lock the pole in position (no locking nut to come undone with reverse moves) whilst you stay firmly on the ground.

The X-Pole XPERT pole also incorporates a special adjuster cover, which when in place creates a totally smooth pole from top to bottom. No cover edge to hit or lumpy bearing protrusion, just smooth pole all the way. It even features a micro articulating base for minimum contact.

The X-Pole XPERT is sold in 3 surface finishes, Chrome, Titanium Gold (a special electronic coating, for higher grip) and Brass. 

The XPERT is the professional dancer's ultimate pole dancing pole.

X-Pole XPERT (XX) Key Features:

  1. Bottom loading - no ladders required.
  2. Revolutionary X-Joint system - easy to use, quick to install.
  3. Smooth pole from top to bottom - no transition between tubes or bearing protrusion to hit.
  4. Static and spinning options.
  5. Micro articulating base - easy to set up on uneven floors.
  6. Double width support dome - for maximum stability.
  7. Available in 40mm (1.50"), 45mm (1.75") and 50mm (2") tube sizes. Smaller sizes make tricks easier and are more suitable for smaller grips. If in doubt, we recommend the 45mm version as this is the standard competition size.
  8. Extendable for ceiling heights from 2,235mm (7' 4") to 2,745mm (9') from the box. Extension tubes available for larger heights.
  9. Includes carry cases for easy transport.

Fitting your pole dancing pole: Assembly is easy following the supplied instructions (no additional tools required) and takes around 10 minutes the first time, significantly less after that!

The X-Pole can be used on virtually any floor type but cannot be used with suspended or false ceilings and should be fitted so that the top is against a ceiling joist (use a stud-finder or tap the ceiling with your knuckle until you hear a solid sound, a hollow sound indicates the space between joists).

Note: We only ship poles to the UK & Europe - all other products we ship worldwide.

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