• Pole Move Box - Version 2
  • Pole Move Box - Version 2
  • Pole Move Box - Version 2
  • Pole Move Box - Version 2

Pole Move Box - Version 2




The Pole Move Box is a box filled with pole dance inspiration! Second edition now available!

  • This smart box contains over 500 illustrated cards showing: Pole Moves, Spins, Climbs, Seats and Inverts.
  • On each card you’ll find a picture of the move and you can clearly see the hand grip.
  • The stars on the left indicate difficulty  (1 star for easy moves, up to 6 stars for stronger flexible moves)
  • The names of the moves are taken from the most popular names that we have found within the worldwide pole community.
  • All organised in a beautiful strong box. Easy to take a long to pole classes or for home practicing.

Find out that there are far more moves and variations than you can think of and ombine the cards and create a whole new surprising choreography.

The newest moves are shown by Anastasia Skukhtorova, Alessandra Marchetti, Derick Pierson, Evgeny Greshilov and Justice Hailey.

So whether you’re new to pole or a real pole professional the Pole Move Box will inspire you!!

Pole Move Box weighs just over 1,5 kg and is 25x12x8,5 cm (9,8×4,7×3,3 inch).


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