My favourite pole dancing shorts - Jenni Gooch

Posted: Aug 24 2011

Jenni Gooch from the South Pole AKademy tells us about her favourite pole dancing shorts...

"Pole shorts - as a pole instructor how many times do our students ask us what to wear, or where to get shorts for pole from??? 

There is always the need for them to be short, but not too short - tight, but not too tight, but not too gapping - any colour other than black - Pretty - functional.... who knew shorts could be such a conundrum! So how great was it when I stumbled upon Mika Yoga Wear after being recommended by a friend. OMG - love love love!

Not only have these creations been made with movement in mind (so no gapping here!) but look at the colours. This is one of the things that drew me in - if any of you know me I love to match! and Mika had items that were South Pole AKademy blue! and not only shorts BUT tops to match too! (Ok I may be a bit excitable)

So I purchased the KIKI short and LOLA top in sapphire, and also in coral - I love matching sets! These items are a great fit, comfy, stylish and practical. 

If you haven’t already check out the range from Mika – good quality pole gear that you will love to wear.

Here are a few pics in my blue set - loving it!!!"

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