Pole Practice 2 - The return to Taylors Retreat

Posted: Aug 23 2011

We had so much fun at our last visit to practice with friends that we organised another session with friends. We all worked on moves that we were trying to perfect and also used the Pole Dance Community Syllabus CD Rom to try some news moves. We all managed to master the 'Emotion' move which was cool. 

We also made some news friends as other people had also come to the studio to practice.  Everyone helped each other perfect their moves and gave tips which was really great.  Pole people are definitely friendly, helpful and nice people. :-)

After the success of the pole chin up competition at the Taylors Retreat Weekender we also gave it a go at the practice session. Aimee Tippin was the winner with 12 chin ups and bagged herself a blue Serena Mika top. Well done Aimee!

We've already planned out next practice session for September as we had such a great time, so if you are interested in joining us for some fun you are more than welcome. 

See all our pole practice photos here

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