Pole Dancing helped me lose weight and boost my confidence

Posted: Aug 29 2011


Meet Georgina who lost two stone in two months from just an hour of pole dancing a week.

“The weight that was getting me down was gone. Everything’s more toned; my legs, abs and arms are more muscular. My flexibility has improved a lot too - I couldn’t even touch my toes two years ago, and now I can grab my feet when I’m halfway up a pole. I was never a particularly athletic person, but pole dance whipped my body into shape.” Says Georgina

Georgina first got interested in pole dancing at university when she saw a flyer for classes, but chickened out at the last minute. A year later Georgina had gained a fair bit of weight from an unhealthy diet and no exercise so she made the decision to start doing something about it.

After spending 3 three months going to the gym every day, counting calories, and measuring every wobbly bit Georgina lost four pounds but hardly any centimeters. Feeling disappointed, she remembered the pole dancing class and has never looked back since.

“The sense of accomplishment you get when you’ve been working on a move for a while and you finally get it. It’s a really big lift.” Says Georgina

Wearing shorts for pole dancing also helped Georgina feel more comfortable with her body. Now she is perfectly happy wearing skirts and dresses, whereas before she was covering up as much as possible.

As pole dancing becomes more mainstream Georgina is also not worried what people think.

“It doesn’t have as many of the negative connotations as it used to. And I, for one, enjoy changing perspectives - I don’t look anything like a stereotypical pole dancer, and once people talk to me about pole they realise it’s a sport and art form, not stripping.”

Why not give pole dancing a try and see if it can help you loose weight and feel more body confident like Georgina. 

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