Taylors Retreat Weekender

Posted: Aug 13 2011

It was my first Pole weekender so I was really excited!  After a lovely drive through the picturesque countryside in the Surrey Hills I arrived at the beautiful Taylors Farm location welcomed by the lovely Stacey Pole girls.

I set up the shop with the other stall holders including PolEssentials, Polenastics, Millie Robson, RPole, Spin City and SpinnyTbags. I also gave our pop up changing room a test drive as it was the first time I’d used it.  I hope everyone who tried on Mika clothing had a good experience in it!


Everyone was really friendly and took part in each others competitions. Polenastics and PolEssentials had a raffle with some fun prizes, Rpole had their legendary ‘one trick wonder’ competiton where you have to hold a move as long as you can and we did a chin up competition - who can do the most chinups on the pole.  The winner was Sara from Stacey Pole who managed 21 chin ups and bagged herself a free pair of Mika shorts as the prize. Well done Sara!

Whilst dodging the occasional rain shower people milled around the stalls, bounced on the trampoline or took a dip in the pool. Pippa from Polenastics and Alex from PolEssentials were on hand to help us perfect some new moves which was gave us a lot to smile about. 

All workshops were sold out with Miss Glory Pearl and Susie Q and Toby J on Saturday and Keem on Sunday. Susie Q also had some cute merchandise including shorts, hotpants and vest tops.

As the sun set everyone started getting glammed up for the maksed ball and we were treated to an amazing fire show and fireworks display.  Then is was onto the inter school show case with the mistress of ceremonies Stacey Pope sexing it up with her Stacey Pole girls to kick things off. Miss Glory pearl hosted the proceedings with more amazing performances from Bendy Kate, Susie Q and Toby J, Deb Riley, Lauren Red and Karen Chaundry.

After the performances everyone partied the night away till sunrise with some hardcore hangovers around the campsite on Sunday morning and big diva sunglasses sheilding tired eyes.

It was amazing to be part of this brilliant event bringing the pole community together for a fun weekend.  Thanks to all the lovely customers who bought from our stall and all the new friends I made.  I look forward to seeing you all soon and can’t wait for the next one. x

To see all the photos from the weekend click here

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