World Pole Dance 2014

Posted: Feb 02 2014

We were so excited to attend the World Pole Dance Competition which took place in the UK in 2014. It's no often you get to see and meet the worlds best pole dancers and the day did not disappoint.

We had the stall with the infamous pop up changing room...

Had fun with friends...

Met some of the winners....

And the winners were...

Men's Division:
Winner - Kristian Lebedev (Russia)
Best Costume  - Egor Churakov (Russia)
Best Tricks - Kristian Lebedev (Russia)
Best Entertainer - Sun Yimgzhi (China)

Doubles Division:
Winners - Lisette Krol & Terri Walsh (Ireland)
Best Costumes  - Meng Yifan & Zhong Oianie (China)
Best Tricks - Lisette Krol & Terri Walsh (Ireland)
Best Entertainers - Manuella Badessi & Erika Lombardelli (Italy)

Women's Division
Winner - Kate Czepulkowski (UK)
Best Costume - Fang Chunyan (China)
Best Tricks - Kate Czepulkowski (UK)
Best Entertainer - Polina Volchek (Ukraine)

Watch Kate's winning performance here.

More info here

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