UK Pole Dancing Survey 2014

Posted: Jan 31 2014


How has pole dancing helped you? What do you love about it? When we first started Pole Motion we created the first UK Pole Dancing Survey - it's time for the next edition and we really need your input!

Everyone who takes part goes into a draw to win a Pole Motion goodie bag, full of grips, clothing and other pole goodies...

We hope this years survey will achieve even more interesting results that will help inspire others, and we look forward to sharing the results with you. 

All you need to do to take part is click here and complete the survey.



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  • Posted by Bekki Hyde on February 24, 2014

    pole changed my life :) new friends who are like having a new family, confidence, toning and muscle dedinition. being able to laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously. being able to help others with moves. only wish I had started sooner!!!

  • Posted by Hannah on February 20, 2014

    Pole dancing has improved my body confidence. I may not have the body I’ve always dreamed of, but I know I am physically stronger and more toned than I have ever been.

    I have made lots of new friends from class. We are all very supportive of each other and encourage each other when moves prove difficult to achieve. We all refer to each other as ‘The Pole Sisters’ or our Pole Family.

    Pole has been such a positive influence on my personal life and I only wish I started this years ago.

  • Posted by Stacey Browne on February 09, 2014

    Pole fitness is an amazing and understated fitness regime I absolutely love!!! After years of martial arts I didn’t expect swinging round a pole to do much …. OMG I was wrong its a beautiful elegant mix of strength, flexibility and hard work!!!
    I am a pole freak with respect and admiration for all pole enthusiasts at any level …

  • Posted by Hayley on February 09, 2014

    What pole has done for me hmmm mostly it has got me out of the house meeting new people and given me something for me ,and something that makes me smile and laugh which is just what I need . This is my treat every week my break from living with someone with autism one thing I have that’s mine , I may not be that good and may never be but the people who are in my class make it fun and are always encouraging me . So yes pole has done a lot for me besides making me stronger and getting me fitter I love it wish I had started years ago

  • Posted by Philippa Brown on February 06, 2014

    Pole fitness has gave me so much confidence. Even when I’m covered in bruises off it I don’t care. It’s a break from my stressful uni life and I have made so many new friends. My body looks great and I’m starting to get fit and toned. One of the best things I’ve ever done

  • Posted by chloe coleman on February 05, 2014

    A long with the fitness side of things, pole has given me so much confidence to chase my dreams that it kept me in university. It taught me that the goal is always within reach as long as you work hard enough. Pole is everything to me now <3

  • Posted by Karen Currie on February 04, 2014

    In 2006, I went to a pole lesson just to prove to myself that I could do something different – even it if was just once! in my life – I was in my mid 40s!

    Clearly that was 8 years ago – how has pole changed my life:-

    I’ve continued to learn some incredible moves which have contributed to giving me a better body image – I am physically stronger and more toned but I always feel better about the body I have.

    I qualified as an instructor in 2009 and started Princess K Fitness which now has 4 instructors, including me, teaching up to 10 classes each week.

    I’ve met some incredible people on my journey too – students have become friends, fellow pole instructors have become mentors and I enjoy a great ‘pole’ support network.

    Pole has given me inner confidence, a stronger body, new friends and an extra income – what’s not to love about it!

  • Posted by Carly-Jordan Adcock on February 04, 2014

    Pole is amazing!!!!
    It is my highlight of the week, it’s what I look forward to the most, all the new exciting moves and challenges I’ve over come that I never thought possible…
    It’s made me stronger and realise you haven’t got to be skinny to do it, my body is able to do certain moves I never thought possible!
    I haven’t got to look and wish I could do it anymore, because I can and I am… I have the most amazing, talented instructors who couldn’t be more lovely!!
    I’ve been doing pole for about 18 weeks and I’m highly addicted…

  • Posted by India Grant on February 04, 2014

    Pole dancing has improved my confidence and given me passion for someone I wouldn’t normally have.

  • Posted by Tanya Sipling on February 01, 2014

    Pole dancing has changed my whole body, from toned arms and back to a stronger core. It’s also given me confidence about my abilities and looks. Starting in my late 30s with a group of younger women and seeing that I can perform just as well has been an incredible experience. Now at 43 I feel and hopefully look younger than a lot of my peers. Pole dancing rocks!

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