World Pole Sports Championship 2013 Winners

Posted: Jul 29 2013

After an amazing weekend in London watching the best best pole athlete's here are the winners. You can watch the awards being given out here or check out the results below...

Women Senior 18 - 39
1) Alessandra Marchetti, Italy
2) Kate Czepulkowski (Bendy Kate), UK
3) Polina Volchek, USA

Watch Alessandra's winning performance here

Men Senior 18-39
1) Oleksandr Shchukin, Ukraine
2) Davide Zongoli, Italy
3) Derick Person, USA

Watch Oleksandr's winning performance here

Mixed Doubles
1) Terri Walsh & Lisette Krol, Ireland
2) Sherry Bremner & Simone Hodgkiss, South Africa
3) Masayo Okamoto & Kazuya Naka, Japan

Watch Terri & Lisette's winning performance here

Masters 40+
1) Liza Erzebet Szabo, Hungary
2) Yvette Austin, UK
3) Karen Chaundy, UK

Watch Liza's winning performance here

Masters 50+
1) Greta Pontarelli, USA
2) Irina Zelenkova, Russia
3) Natasha Payne, UK

Watch Greta's winning performance here

Junior 15-17
1) Bernadett Floch, Hungary
2) Mandy Maerevoet, Belgium
3) Arina Sadasheva, Russia

Novice 10-14
1) Olga Trifonova, Russia
2) Sofiia Kiperman, Russia
3) Amiee Hilton, UK & Evelina Bragina, Russia  - tied for third place

Watch Olga's wining performance here

WPSC People's Choice Award Winner
Kate Czepulkowski (Bendy Kate), UK

Watch Kate's performance here

IPSF Award to the Pole Sports Industry
Mighty Grip



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