UKAPP Hertford Heat preview with Stacey Snedden

Posted: Jul 23 2013

The second heat of the UKAPP 2013 competition will soon be upon us and we've been lucky enough to catch up with Stacey who is one of the event founders to find out more... 

1.The Hertford UKAPP heat will take place next week. How is the event shaping up? 

Its going great, were excited to be bringing UKAPP back to Hertford, This year we have a Hoop category which is BUSY.. The new talent is going to be great in both pole and aerial.

2.Tell us about the categories and competitors. 
We have 5 Categories this year, Performer, Intermediate, Expert, Doubles and Aerial Hoop. 2 from each go through to our final in Luton. This year we have put an emphasis on FUN and costumes. We want all the contestants t0 enjoy themselves and have a good experience competing.

3.As well as all the amazing competitors you also have a panel judges. Tell us about your judges and how the competitors will be marked.
This year we have taken on the same judging criteria as UKPPC. Our judges scores will be taken and the top and bottom scores will be taken away. Vari has worked hard on the judging and so far it has worked very well.We have some awesome Judges and performers at Hertford.

Judges: Sarah Brown, Jo Dandridge, Pippa Ceaser, Sarah Scott, Leigh Ann Reilly, Nicole Pearson
Performers: Leah Clarke, Sarah Scott, Leigh Ann Reilly, Amanda Lewis and Zorena Foulkes

4.How is UKAPP different and what do you hope to contribute to the pole dance community with the event?
UKAPP is the largest and longest running Amateur event in the UK. When we first created UKAPP there were no competitions specifically for Amateurs only ! Now 4 years on there are a huge amount and we like to think we have helped to grow the industry with these.

UKAPP is known for finding NEW talent and giving people confidence t continue with there career in pole. Over the years our winners have been Karry Summers ( who placed 2nd in the Brazil Worlds and is Miss Pole Dance NZ and owner of NZAAP ) Daniel Rosen – UK Champion and known all over the world Bendy Kate- UKPPC Champion and 2nd in the Sports Worlds yesterday. All first entered UKAPP and we are proud to be the stepping stone for this new fresh talent.

5.How did you first get interested in pole dancing, what made you try it?
I started in 2005 when I attended a class I enjoyed it so much that 6 months in I started teaching, In September 2005 I started working for XPOLE as the UK & Europe Sales Manager and have never looked back. My world is consumed by POLE.

6.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
I love the way that ANYONE can pole. I don’t care if people like sexy, sporty, tricks, dance etc its all good for the industry. I LOVE watching a comical routine but I am also mad about pointed toes so as long as you have good lines, good music and good form I love it!

7.What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
– mmmmmm I have so many I love to dance so ANYTHING that flows!

8.What are your favourite strength training moves on the pole and why?
Aysha – because its an awesome move LOL
Iron X – OMG that takes some serious strength and balance

9.What pole dancers do you admire or inspire you?
WOW I love so many I have been lucky enough to tour with a lot of them. UK Favourites are defiantly: Karen Chaundy, Sarah Scott, Justine McLucas,  Sally Ann Giles, Kirsty Griffiths and of course the boys Daniel Rosen and Sam King. Worldwide I am currently in LOVE with Rebecca Starr but mostly because of her Aerial Hoop ! I love shimmy , Alison Sipes, Suzie Q, Leigh Ann Reilly, Zoraya Judd Estee Zakar the list is endless. I have a huge respect for all of them and they are all really pushing our industry forward.

10. How do you think pole dancing has evolved over the past few years?
Since I started it has grown massively, when I started pole there were 5 studios now there are hundreds of them. You also don’t get as much negativity from outside the industry people are more open to the fitness than they used to.

11.Three words that mean pole dancing to you.
Community, Confident, Tough

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