Interview with Sophie Logan - Pole Fitness Ambassador Runner Up

Posted: Jun 03 2013

Since there were so many amazing entries to our Pole Fitness Ambassador competition we also chose 2 runners up.  Our first runner up was Sophie Logan - let's find out why she's such an inspiration...

1.Congratulations on being runner up in our first Pole Fitness Ambassador competition. How does it feel to be in the top 3 and how do you hope you can inspire others?
I was so shocked to find out that I was the runner up in the competition, as I had seen so many amazing entries online. I had seen some awesome photos of great pole dancers, and I didn't not in the slightest believe that I had a chance. It was so nice to see everyone's submissions, and I was checking everyday to see what people has been submitting, and hoping to get so influence for my own strength training regime.

2.Tell us about your journey in pole and how it has had a positive impact on your life?
Pole dancing has given me the drive to turn my life around, and has positively impacted every aspect of my life. It's what drives me to going to the gym after a long day at University. It's what makes me regularly drink a protein shake instead of a burger at lunchtimes. Its what drives me to doing uncomfortable stretching exercises, and its what drive me to wanting to become a better pole dancer and person. I know that if I want to be able to develop as a pole dancer I need to make positive choices in my lifestyle and in the decisions I make, and right now I can happily say that it has guided me well so far!

3.How did you first get interested in Pole dancing, what made you try it?
I have always found pole dancing interesting, but never got round to trying it. However, one day my college friend had been going to for a while and asked me if I wanted to go with her one evening. I managed to pick it up quite quickly, much to my surprise, and I was just hooked! After a few months I began to only go every now and then and lost my drive with pole, but in the past 2 1/2 years I have really stepped it up and have becoming even more addicted to pole. I was 16 when I started and now I am 22, so its definitely been a huge part of my life!

4.Tell us about your favourite strength training moves on the pole and why you chose it for the competition?
I like to do seat climbs up the pole using only my arms! I like the move as it is very effective, and demands little technique, which can sometimes get in the way of successfully having a good strength training work out. I have recently began to do this move with ankle weights on and to start completely on the floor to make it harder, but it is a move that any one of any ability can do. My aim is to done day be able to do the arms only climb to the top of the pole in the style of Jess Leanne Norris, and this is a great stepping stone to achieving it,

5.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
At the moment, I am really enjoying the challenge of pole dancing. When I first began pole dancing I didn't challenge myself or try to push my ability; I was just happy to practice the same moves I had already done. More recently, I have made lists of moves that I want to get and have stuck to trying to get them. Some of them are easier than others, such as moves which I have never gotten round to trying like handstands and variations in grips, but some are more about technique and strength, such as the iron-x and phoenix. Every time I am on a pole I make sure that I go through the list and attempt each move at least once, and will not tick it off the list until I am confident that I can do the move every time. Its hard, and take times, but it feels so satisfying when I get to cross something off my list of moves to learn and move it to my list of moves I can do.

6. What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
1)After a year of practice, I have finally managed to get an aerial handspring! This means a lot to me as it seemed impossibly hard when I first tried it and now I have managed to work out the technique which works for me and conditioned my body to be able to do it

2) As with the aerial handspring, a lot of practice and training as gone into getting an aerial shoulder mount which is something I can confidently do! Achieving the two moves showed to me just how my hard work and strength training had paid off, and it has given me great confidence to continue challenging myself and my body to take my pole dancing to the next level!

3) Cupid. I have only recently managed to get this move, after never being able to find the right spot for my body to be able to do it hands free. Now, I feel completely confident in the move and can stay on the pole for quite a while. Its annoying when you work out what your doing wrong when trying to learn a move for so long, but everybody's body works definitely and works different on the pole.

7.What pole dancers do you admire or inspire you?
I think Sarah Scott is amazing. I love how she did not come from a gymnastics or dance background, like myself, as it is very inspiring to see that you do not need that experience to become an great pole dancer. Justine McLucas is my favorite style of pole dancer, and my icon of what type of pole dancing I would like to be. Her flow and the expression in her routines is captivating to me, and every routine I have seen is as beautiful as the rest. I like to dance with a contemporary style, and absolutely love dancing to an emotional and slow track. In April Justine was one of the judges in a competition I competed in. That was some pressure knowing that she was watching!

8. How do you think pole dancing has evolved over the past few years?
I think it is becoming more sports based, with many gymnasts and a like becoming involved. The moves are becoming harder and harder, more technically based and require a lot of conditioning and flexibility. I remember when a butterfly was my dream move, and when the first time I saw a handspring I thought it was magic! I like this as it keeps it interesting, and means that pole dancing has endless possibilities. It also helps to promote the image of pole dancing as a legitimate sport and is helping to pave pole dancing's way into the mainstream sports industry. However, I do not think that people will ever forget where pole dancing originates from, and the sexy side will always remain. You can deny where it came from, and I would never resent its background, pole dancing is evolving for some but it does not mean that it has to for everyone. I like that pole dancing can have different styles, its the same as general dance or music. You can't expect everyone to have the same style, everyone uses pole to express different emotions and imagery and

9. Three words that mean pole dancing to you. 
Love. Fitness. Life.

10. What would you say to someone thinking about trying pole dancing to convince them to give it a go.
DO IT! The worst case scenario is that you come out of the class and feel that its not for you, but something you are glad to have at least experience and taken the 'plunge' in seeing what its all about. And the best case scenario, and the most likely, is that you will come out feeling absolutely amazing and buzzing about starting a new journey in your life.

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