Pole for U aNd I Inter University Competition Review 2012

Posted: Feb 21 2012

On Saturday the 18th February we headed into London for the Pole for U aNd I Inter University Competition, which took place at the Pimlico Academy. There wasn’t pole dancing when we were at University so students are lucky to have the chance to try something different and learn pole dancing.  

Competitors were from Universities all over the UK with some travelling from as far as Scotland.

Judges on the night were Hanka Vanselaar, Jess Norris, Kay Penney and Pippa Caesar.

We had a great time meeting everyone at our stall and watching the performances. There were a lot more competitors than at other events we’d been to before with categories including Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Men’s and Doubles.  Most competitors chose slow ballads to perform to with lots of different costumes and themes including wings, face paint and Freddy Mercury. 

The half flag move was one of the most popular moves in routines during the day and there was also some amazing advanced moves such as drops and handsprings which were really impressive.

There were also 2 birthdays on the day of the competition and everyone sang happy birthday to Rachel Parsons and Beth Patterson.

Beth Randall won the Advanced category for the second year running and Kent University made a clean sweep in the Intermediate category.

Special mention to Charlotte Whitecross who was wearing Mika shorts for her routine. :-)

Congratulations to all the competitors!

And the winners are…

Beginner - Rose Allen
Intermediate - Isobel Riddy
Advanced - Beth Randall
Mens - Ian Kockelbergh
Doubles - Sam King & Lucy James
Best Overall - Sam King & Lucy James
Best University - Kent

For more info go to http://www.poleforyouandi.co.uk/


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  • Posted by Pippa Caesar on March 19, 2012

    Well done everyone!


  • Posted by Lokito on March 05, 2012
    Girl, I know how you feel. I love the athletic side of pole. I love the ehcllange it presents. But there’s NO WAY I would give up the sexuality of it. I love the grinding, hip-circling, booty-popping sensuality and freedom to be as dirty as I wanna be. My studio is awesome the instructors there teach us the dirty stuff; I didn’t even know what a booty clap WAS, nevermind how to do it before I started going to pole class. And I love it. I love the combination of precise strength and feminine sexuality. You are not alone. A forum I’m on has one of the women who’s pushing the addition of vertical bar gymnastics in the olympics. She, too, is a fan of sexy pole dancing, and teaches in her own studio. But the way she explains it is they’re not trying to obliterate pole dancing to encourage a new, sterilized form to make it acceptable for the masses. They’re simply concentrating on the athletic, sport side of pole. To them, this is a completely separate animal from pole dancing as we know it. Its roots are pole dancing, but it will be simply be another gymnastic sport balance beam, uneven parallel bars, vertical bar/pole.Never fear. Stripping is still around. Burlesque is still around. Pole dancing has exploded in the last few years, spawning numerous studios across the nation. Why? Because women EVERYWHERE are embracing that sexual side of themselves. After decades of the fighting the sexual revolution for equal rights, we’re rediscovering what it is to be purely feminine: strong and sexy as only a woman can be, and pole is one of the ways we express this.Girl, you are NOT alone.
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