Lincoln Pole Championship Review 2012

Posted: Feb 19 2012

On the 11th Feb we attended the inaugural Lincoln Pole Championship. It was a long drive, but the sun was shining and the good tunes on the stereo made the journey fly by.

On arrival, the venue was bustling with the event organisers making the final touches and competitors warming up and practicing their routines.

Judges on the night were Genevieve Moody, Justine McLucas, Nuala Barczak, Pippa Caesar and Stacey Snedden.

We had a great time meeting everyone at our stall even though the room we were in had no heating and was freezing.  Fellow stall mates Laura from Spinny T Bags and John from Pole 2 Pole Magazine helped keep our spirits up.

The night started a beautiful performance by judge Justine McLucas, followed by the Novice category, then onto the Amateurs and finishing with the Professionals. The finalists put so much effort into their routines and costumes, with many performing for the first time.  It takes great courage to get up on a pole in front of a crowd for the first time, so huge respect goes out to all the competitors.

Organiser Sarah Rehrer was also commended for managing to organise the event whilst in America and for her amazing recovery from a serious back injury.  Well done Sarah.

Can't wait for next year as long as no one tries to break into our car again! Bit of a shock when we packed up the stall and found the front windows half open, but luckily no damage and we could get home safely!

Congratulations to all the competitors!

And the winners are…

Novice - Charlie Johnston
Amateur - Annalisa Dixon
Advanced Amateur & Organisers Favourite - Shelly Egholm
Pro - Rachel Stroud
Best Costume - Danni Clarke
Most Entertaining - Sarah Korver

See more photos from the competition here

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