My favourite pole dancing shorts - Emma Park-Watt

Posted: Aug 01 2011

Finding the perfect pole dancing shorts is no easiest task - we talk to Emma Park-Watt from Purity Pole Dancing who tells us about her perfect pole dancing shorts.

Emma modelling her Audrina shorts

"I have been pole dancing now for 6 years and in my time I've tried and tested many different shorts. There seems to be two fundamental issues when choosing shorts - Length and Fit (Gaping shorts are no-ones friend). My previous pair were great length however the legs were not snug enough for my liking. This resulted in undershorts being worn which created a rather uncomfortable "nappy" effect ;-)"

Emma models her Audrina shorts

"This all changed when I purchased my first pair of Mika Audrina shorts 3 months ago. The length is great, they fit perfectly around my legs (avoiding the embarrassing risk of "Pole Flash") and the ties either side on the waist band allow you to have it as high or low as you like. They are flattering and most importantly comfortable!! Highly recommended! :-)"

Try Mika shorts for yourself and see if they could be your perfect pole dancing shorts.

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