Never too old for Pole Dancing

Posted: Jul 13 2011

42 year old mum from Doncaster, Samantha Tolmie proves that you’re never to old to try something new and enjoy the benefits of pole dancing. “When I’m pole dancing, I feel so confident. I love it! Pole dancing improves posture, makes you feel sexy and improves your upper body and core muscles.” enthuses Samantha.

Samantha first discovered pole dancing over a year ago on a girls night out when she saw a girl doing some moves on the pole in a club. “On asking, her friend told me she went to classes at a local school and I went home and started looking for local classes”

Samantha started going to classes at a local gym. She was very nervous and went with a friend for support. “When the instructor showed us our first routine I just thought OMG I'll never be able to do that! But by the end of the class we were all doing it!  Wow!”

Samantha enjoyed pole dancing so much that by the second week she decided to get her own pole at home. “I have my pole in the front room ... my mother in law thought it was scaffolding and that my ceiling was falling down! Everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) who comes to my house wants to have a go!”

At first Samantha was worried about what people might think, but says the response has been nothing but positive. “Most women think it’s awesome and want to have a go, and most men just get that gaping mouth look like WOW!” 

Samantha gets on her pole as much as she can, but has had a couple of big breaks due to her little boy being severely disabled and so getting to classes was difficult. “The best thing about pole dancing for me is that you work your entire body without really realising it (until the next day!), it improves your posture and poise, it makes you feel good about yourself, about being a woman, and it works muscles you didn’t know even existed!”

Samantha is a truly inspiring lady, so why not give pole dancing a try and see if it can boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself too.

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