Pole dancing gives you body confidence for Glamour Magazine

Posted: Jul 12 2011

This month I was excited to chosen for a feature in Glamour Magazine. It’s all about women who are confident about their bodies and how they got that confidence. Of course mine relates to pole dancing which I hope will help to show pole dancing in a more positive light in the media and inspire others to give it a try.

To prove our confidence we had to be photographed in public places around London wearing nothing but a bikini!  This may sound simple, but there was a lot of prep work to be done before the shoot. Hair removal, exfoliating, spray tans and all!  I got a taste of how the celebrities live and turned into a high maintenance wife for 3 days and to be honest it was exhausting trying to fit it all in when I’m also trying to run a business.  It was also quite scary having my first ever spray tan as I have pale skin and looked orange for 8 hours until I could shower the tanning agent off.

On the day of the shoot we were treated to make up and styling with an amazing choice of the new seasons bikinis to try on. You’ll have to wait until the article comes out to find out which one I wore, but I loved it! Big thanks to Bea and Jade for making me look so lovely.

Once I was primped and preened to perfection is was on with the white fluffy dressing gown and off to the location for the shoot in a taxi. I was very nervous at first, but people in London are so used to seeing people dressed in strange outfits and being different that we didn’t cause too much of a stir and people didn’t stare as much as I thought they might.  In fact as soon as people saw the camera they ran away and didn’t want to be in shot and it seemed I was embarrassing them more than I was embarrassed standing there half naked.

By the end of the shoot, I’d completely forgotten what I was wearing and was having great fun with the crew. Thanks to Lucy, will and your team. 

It was actually quite empowering and I’m really grateful for the experience. Thank you Glamour! I hope readers are inspired to give pole dancing a go and enjoy the fitness benefits of pole dancing as much as I do. 

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