Interview with USPDF Champion Karol Helms

Posted: May 17 2011

 We caught up with USDPF champion Karol Helms ahead of her UK tour with X Pole... 

1. How and did you first get interested in pole dancing and what made you become an instructor/performer?
I was first interested in pole dancing after visiting a club that a friend of mine worked at. There was a girl there who did a few things on the pole, and I thought it was just the MOST amazing thing I'd ever seen and I immediately wanted to do it too! I researched as much as I could, but Pole Dancing was still very much in its infancy, so I didn't really find much besides Fawnia Mondey's Pole Work Vol. 1.  

On a self constructed pole, I self taught myself until YouTube became more popular in 2005. One day I decided to search for pole dance videos, out of surprise I actually found videos of other women who were pole dancing in their homes for fun and fitness.  This was the first time I had seen removable poles for your home, Xpole was beginning to open its US warehouse and provide poles to the US.  

Once I had my own Xpole, I started making and posting my own videos on YouTube.  The more pole dancing grew underground, the more I was contacted by subscribers asking how to do moves, where to learn, and I realised that there wasn't a lot of places where people could go to learn to Pole Dance.  So I started posting video tutorials, and freedances.  It felt rewarding to help people conquer new moves, and naturally I wanted to do it more. 

In 2009 I attended the first USPDF National Competition and was awestruck, inspired, and motivated to be on that stage the following year.  In October 2009 I competed in the first USPDF East Coat Regionals and won 1st place. After that I started touring and teaching workshops at the handful of studios that had popped up around the US and performing at various pole dancing events.  In March 2010 I competed in NYC at the USPDF Pro National Competition and won the runner up title of USPDF Miss Sexy 2010.  Now I travel all over the world helping others find the confidence and strength that Pole Dancing can bring out in all of us..!

 2. What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
There are lots of things I enjoy about Pole Dancing.  I think for me, the thing I enjoy the MOST is the challenge.  I'm always finding new ways to challenge myself with my own pole dancing, its ever evolving and there's always that newest, hardest move out there to conquer. Its also fun challenging yourself to create new moves, that others will in turn feel challenged to learn!

 3. What are your 3 favourite pole moves?
Oh wow, hmmm.  There are so many I love, but my favorite 3 moves are the Rockstar Spin, Superman Fall, and No Hands Superman aka “Superpain”.

 4. What are the main fitness benefits of pole dancing?
Pole Dancing is an aerobic and anaerobic workout.  Meaning you not only are getting the benefits of a cardio workout, but you are also building and strengthening muscle at the same time!  Pole requires a lot of core strength, and after you reach the level in Pole where you are executing inverted moves you will really start to work that area and see it change.  Not only are the physical fitness benefits apparent, but pole dancing also has changed so many womens' views about their own bodies by improving their confidence and self esteem.

5. If someone has never tried pole dancing before how to they get started?
For anyone interested in trying pole dancing, do your homework!  Research studios, search videos, ask about their certification, and try a pole intro class.  Everyone usually struggles their first few classes, but once you get more familiar with the mechanics of pole, you will really start getting addicted!

6. What’s next for you in the coming year?
I'm gearing up as we speak for my first UK tour sponsored by Xpole.  After that, its more bouncing around the world as I visit various areas of the US, Canada, Ecuador, Greece, Mexico, and Jamaica!  You can keep up with my tour schedule on the calendar page of my website

Hosting Studios for Karol's UK Tour are as follows: 
Friday 20th May – BodyBarre – Manchester - starts @ 5.30pm
Saturday 21st May – Polenastics – Milton Keynes - starts @ 1pm
Sunday 22nd May – Elegance Dance Studio – Leistershire starts @ 12 midday 
Wednesday 25th May – Pole Kik Dublin 
Saturday 28th May – Spin City – Bristol - 12.30pm start 
Sunday - 29th May – Stacey Pole - Stevenage - starts @ 12 midday
Monday - 30 May - Ecole De Pole London- starts @ 12 midday 
Wednesday 01 June - Emmas Pole Dancing - Derby starts @ 5.45pm 
Meet and Greets @ Polenastics on 21st May and also at Elegance Dance Studio £10 per person - NOT to be missed performance from the lovely lady herself. Ask her any question...This is a one off chance to meet this amazing pole lady in the UK.... If you are interested please contact

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