Introducing Katarina Hromnikova: Pole Fitness Ambassador Winner 2014

Posted: Oct 08 2014

Say hello to our 2014 pole fitness ambassador!  Introducing Katarina Hromnikov...

1.Congratulations on being our second Pole Fitness Ambassador of 2014. How does it feel to be chosen and how do you hope you can inspire others?

Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner of this competition again. I couldn't believe I could ever be so lucky! Being nominated as a second Pole Fitness Ambassador of 2014 means a lot to me. I'm honoured. Pole fitness is my life, my passion, my everything. I'm hoping to inspire loads and loads of people to try this unique and effective form of exercise and to fall in love with it the same way as I did.

2.Tell us about your journey in pole and how it has had a positive impact on your life?
I was living a dream life. ...I travelled with a group of dancers around Spain, Canary Islands and Cyprus since I was 18. We performed great shows and musicals for hotels and clubs. Shows, parties, dancing, traveling, friends, beaches, sun, fun....I couldn't wish for a better life. I was really happy!

Unfortunately, I slipped and fell on the stage. I damaged my knee and ankle. Everything was over for me in one minute. Doctor said I have to give up dancing for good. I had to leave my group and move back to London. I was depressed, struggled to return to a "normal life", very boring life for me. I put loads of weight on. To be honest , I missed excercising and dancing so much I didn't want to live anymore.... I just didn't have a reason to wake up.

Until my best friend told me about Pole Fitness classes in our local gym and suggested to give it a go. 
I was very sceptic as I knew I wasn't allowed to jump or put any pressure on my knee. But I wanted to try it. I spoke with our instructor about my injury.  She was very helpful and gave me few adjustments and variations for exercises that were too painful for me at the time.

Pole Fitness has changed my life completely! I lost my extra pounds,  became strong and toned without putting too much pressure on my joints using just my own weight. I was happy again!

I'm also thinking about getting qualified as a pole fitness instructor. I would love to spread my pole love and help others like my instructor helped me to get back into a life. Pole fitness means everything to me!

3.Tell us about your favourite strength training move on the pole and why you chose it for the competition?
One of my most favourite strength training move is "Iguana". For some strange reason I just like being upside down :) great move to strengthen the shoulders and core. With many different variations I can work on flexibility of my lover back and inner thighs.

4.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
Hmmmmm very difficult question as I enjoy everything about it! But I think it's the combination of dance and acrobatics, strength and flexibility, art and contortion. I love learning new moves and challenge my self. And after long 5 years I finally got my own pole at home :)))

5. What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
-My personal favourite pole move is Scorpio.  I just think it looks amazing, it's not too difficult to get into it after a few tries and it's not too painful to hold it for a while. 
-Another one would definitely be Butterfly or Extended Butterfly. Beautiful upside down move that requires  good upper body strength. 
-Last but not least is the Attitude spin. I love the leg position, it can be perform it with different hand grips. I like to combine it with different spins and use it as a transition move in routines

7.What pole dancers do you admire or inspire you?
The professional Pole dancer I admire is definitely Bendy Kate. I have been following her career since she went on Got to dance 2012 and love her since. Her skills, strength, flexibility, her passion for aerial skills( hoop, pole silks), her style, her routines and personality are just breathtaking. I know I won't ever be able to get into the positions and moves she gets into but just to watch her performance or training is a huge inspiration!

8. How do you think pole dancing has evolved over the past few years?
I think Pole Dancing has evolved hugely in past few years.  Since mid 2000s, pole fitness competitions have been trying to change peoples perception of pole dance and to promote its a non-sexual form of dance and gymnastics. Pole dance has recently gained popularity as an entertainment and a form of fitness, practiced by many enthusiasts in the gyms, dance studios, pole dance schools. Wide range of professionals and amateur competitions are held in many countries world wide. Nowadays, people don't think about pole dancing as something sexual being performed somewhere in a dark strip clubs but they admire those extremely challenging and stunning pole poses and spins.

9.Three words that mean pole dancing to you.

10. What would you say to someone thinking about trying pole dancing, but isn’t sure to convince them to give it a go?
I would recommend  pole fitness to absolutely everyone!what ever fitness level,  shape, age or gender. It's a great way how to get fit, toned, meet new friends. Pole fitness can help improve flexibility, upper body and core strength, balance while having fun. It can feel a but awkward to come to the first pole dance class, as shorts are required. So if they are a bit shy or not quiet sure what to expect from the class I would recommend to take a friend along to the first lesson or have a chat with someone who already attend the class or just contact the instructor directly for an advice. Also loads of dance studios offer private classes or taster sessions. 




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