Pole Fitness Ambassador Competition Winners 2014

Posted: Sep 14 2014

We have been overwhelmed by all the entries to to our pole fitness ambassador competition this year. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their favourite pole strength moves and stories with us.

It’s amazing to see how pole dancing helps so many people overcome adversity - be it lack of confidence, illness or relationship break ups - and how the community and sense of belonging has had such a positive impact on people’s lives. We hope we can also continue to contribute to the pole dance community and help people discover the benefits of pole dancing, both physical and emotional.

And so to the winners. It was really hard to choose only one winner again this year, so in addition to the overall winner of photoshoot with Millie Robson, we've also selected 3 runners up who’ll get pole motion goodie bags, and everyone who entered will also receive a discount voucher for Millie Robson Photography.

We have also planned a special event for everyone who entered this year's competition. Stay tuned for details!

Winner - Katrina Hromnikova
Katrina stood out to us as her story of how pole dancing helped her overcome depression after a knee injury finished her dream career as dancer working all around Europe.  

“I was depressed and struggled to return to a ‘normal life’. I put loads of weight on and missed exercising and dancing so much. I just didn't have a reason to wake up.” Says Katrina.

“My best friend told me about Pole Fitness classes in our local gym which changed my life completely! I lost my extra pounds, became strong and toned without putting too much pressure on my joints using just my own weight. I was happy again!” 

We also loved the photos of the Iguana variations Katrina sent us, as it is always great to see people getting the most of out their poles at home. The Iguana also works a variety of different muscles including your arms, shoulders and core as well as strengthening your grip so is a great strength move.

Runner Up 1 - Kate Clement
Kate’s story represents many women we meet through pole dancing who have lost confidence in themselves after having a child. “Pole fitness has meant that right from the very start, I have regularly achieved something that I have done just for ME! In the beginning it was spins, then inverts and all the way through to qualifying as an instructor.”

Says Kate “Most importantly I think in a world of media portraying skinny, tanned models with perfect hair and teeth, pole has made me think... 'Yeah she's pretty, but can she elbow grip Ayesha?!’”

We also liked the iron chair leg lifts as her favourite strength building move as it is an exercise that is achievable by anyone of any level and can be done in class or at home.

Runner Up 2 - Savanna Rennalls
Savanna stood out as she took a lot of time and effort on her entry with what she wrote about pole fitness, as well as the design and layout. She also highlighted the sense of community and support the pole dance community can offer.

Says Savanna: “I get a great sense of achievement and self fulfilment when I notice the improvement I have made and when my progress is acknowledged by others. I also feel good about myself when I have supported someone else in class to achieve something.”

We also liked the sense of achievement Savanna had gained from being able to do the reverse elbow grip after practising for 8 weeks, showing that pole dancing enables you to do some amazing things with your body that you might otherwise think are impossible.

Runner Up 3 - Lex Gumn
Our final runner up Lex told us how pole dancing helped her overcome severe post-natal depression. “I had put on a lot of weight during my first pregnancy. Being just a size 8 previously, and didn’t know how to live in my new size 16 skin” Says Lex.

“Skip forward to the present, I have never been stronger, flexier, fitter or healthier. I have a fantastic and supportive group of friends, primarily through pole. I can do things I never ever thought possible, especially for a mum of 2 in her mid thirties.”

We also love a good pole pull up as they feature in our Pole Fitness DVD and they are a great example of moves you can do on your pole that are similar the those you might to in the gym.

We hope their stories have inspired you as much as they inspired us. 

Happy poling! x


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