• Pole Fitness DVD Volume 1

Pole Fitness DVD Volume 1

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The Pole Motion DVD is hosted by Justine McLucas from Ecole de Pole, one of the elite polers of Great Britain and respected performer and instructor. Her skills and knowledge from a career as a professional ballerina and qualified Fitness and Pilates Instructor make her the ideal person to trust with your pole dancing tuition.

The Pole Motion DVD features step by step instruction, with Justine talking you through the moves like a one to one lesson, covering basic spins, poses, pole sits, floorwork and hand grips. There are 3 lessons, 4 routines, 3 tone up sessions to strengthen and tone muscles, a fun warm up routine around the pole, stretch out session and special bonus features including a pole terminology section.

Pole Motion has featured in Glamour Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine, The Sunday Mirror and handbag.com

Get in motion and see how pole fitness can improve your muscle tone, strength and flexibility in a fun workout for everyone.

DVD is PAL / Region 2

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