Protein Shake FAQ's

Why do I need to take protein shakes?

You would be amazed at how important protein is for a sport like pole dancing. With such a body-intense activity it is essential that your body has the right nutrients available to repair and recover from training and performances. Without consuming the necessary amount of protein our muscles and joints would not heal as quickly. This can result in overtraining of muscles, which can in turn lead to injury.

A protein shake is a quick and easy method to consume protein effectively and best used alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

What else is protein useful for?

Protein helps to produce healthy skin, hair, nails and keeps your bones strong. It assists with the repair of joints and cartilage and aids muscle recovery following workouts. It can boost your metabolism, reduce hunger cravings and increase energy levels. Protein is found in virtually every other body part or tissue and helps to keep your blood healthy and produce optimum oxygen levels.

So, you can see how important protein is to your diet!

Will taking protein shakes bulk me up?

It is a common misconception that taking protein shakes will bulk you up. A large percent of the world’s top female fitness models take protein shakes every day and stay lean, toned and look beautifully feminine. When used appropriately and in the right amount, protein drinks can help you to lose body fat and tone your muscles to become leaner and stronger without bulking up.

What makes these shakes different from other protein shakes?

Unlike any other product on the market, Pole Fitness+ shakes incorporate a proprietary blend of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM into the shakes; ingredients widely used for joint care and flexibility. We also believe that these shakes are some of the best tasting on the market today.


How often should I take my protein shake?

Depending on your level of activity our advice is as follows:

1-2 scoops per day for beginner/intermediate level dancers who train 1-2 times per week. This is the level we recommend for maintenance. 

2-3 scoops per day for intermediate/advanced level dancers who train 3 or more times per week. This is the level we also recommend for recovery and injury repair.

It is important to take your shake every day to gain full benefits of the nutrients added to our products.  

When are the best times to take the shake?

Training days:

The best time to take your shake is either 1-hour before training or immediately after your training. Taking the shake one hour before your workout will allow the nutrients to be readily available both during and after training for repair and recovery.

Non-Training days:

There are no strict rules for the time to take shakes on non-training days so long as your consume your recommended amount within a 24-hour window.

Other useful times to take your shake:

First thing in the morning is also a great time to consume your shake for two reasons:

Firstly, when you eat in the morning you are breaking a fast (breakfast) of possibly 8-10 hours without food after sleeping. Drinking the shake first thing in the morning gets the shake’s nutrients rapidly absorbed into your system.

Secondly, taking a protein shake first thing in the morning is a technique used by fitness competitors around the world for toning up and losing weight. It is also used as alternative to those high-carb cereals and foods we tend to consume for breakfast.

Shake vs. Snack

There are times when you will be tempted to reach for high-calorie snacks or junk food. We are only human!  If you find yourself in this position then take a minute to consider reaching for a protein shake or a healthy high-protein snack instead. Protein shakes and protein-rich foods will keep your hunger pangs down and help you to feel full much quicker than most high-carb snacks.

How do I mix my shake?

Mix 1 x 30g scoop with 250ml of water. Put the water in first and then the protein powder afterwards to avoid ‘clumping’ of the powder.

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