Mighty Grip Special Formula now in stock!

Posted: Oct 08 2012

Banish those winter training blues and get better pole grip with the new Mighty Grip Special Formula. Buy it now! 

Very much like its older brother, the long lasting, time released formula of Mighty Grip Original for Pole Dancing, the fast acting quick release of Mighty Grip Special Formula, gives you the  instant tack results that you are familiar with. 

In its new distinctive Black Label bottle, Mighty Grip Special Formula, is recommended for those chilly, hard to function mornings in the studio when you are going up against a cold pole or when regular Mighty Grip powder is just not getting it done.

Mighty Grip Special Formula is designed to release its tack quickly under those conditions or when you feel a mink coat would be appropriate. Don't fear the chill, no need to worry about the cold, the quick acting fast release of Mighty Grip Special Formula. is the solution you've been waiting for!

It can be applied to any part of the body; hands, feet, thighs, back of legs in order for the newer dancer to be able to maintain proper grip and balance. For the more advanced student, Mighty Grip is even more important in order to do the more intricate and advanced dance movements on the pole. A real 'must have' for pole dancers of all levels.

Use sparingly as a little goes a long way. Simple to use - just tap a small amount of powder onto your palms, rub your hands together then clench your fist. As the body's temperature activates the thermoplastic material in Mighty Grip it develops a tackiness to the hands producing an incredible slip free grip.

Far superior to normal chalks Mighty Grip once applied is dust free and leaves no marks or permanent deposits on the surfaces it comes into contact with.  It will not come off with sweat and one minimal application lasts for hours.

Each bottle contains 1/4oz of powder.

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