Pole Convention 2012 Review

Posted: Jul 01 2012

We were excited to attend this years Pole Convention in Los Angeles and here's what we got up to during the three day event...

Day 1
Not knowing how busy it would be, we got caught in a long queue to register and get our passes when we arrived. But it was worth the wait and we got to make new friends in the queue and watch pole performers on the nearby X Pole stand including Prana, Justine McLucas, Natasha Wang and Estee Zakar.

Once registered and armed with our wristband, guide book and bag we had a good look round all the vendors which featured some great clothing and pole goodies, from Felix Kane’s new range to our favourite Mika Yoga Wear and Glitter Heels to Bad Kitty. There were so many nice things to buy - it was going to be an expensive trip!

Justine McLucas ended her first US pole tour at the convention to perform on the X Pole US stand. Justine is originally from Australia and she introduced us to some of her Aussie pole friends including Amber Ray and Baily Hart who had fun hanging out with during the day.

As well as all the workshops and master classes the highlight was the Pole Pressure cocktail party where we got to network and meet pole stars like Amber Ray, Karol Helms and Steven Retchless.

Day 2
Another jam packed day full of workshops, master classes and rubbing shoulders with your all your favourite pole idols. There was also the added bonus of three pole shows. 

One took place in the morning with an address by the Pole Convention organiser Jessalyn Medairy. The second was in the afternoon and featured  Natasha Wang, Pantera and Lou Landers and the third was the Showcase of the Stars in the evening, which included a Bad Kitty Fashion show featuring the lovely Sarah Scott from the UK who recently won the Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 title. 

Performing after the fashion show were Jenyne Butterfly, Steven Retchless, Alesia Vazmitsel, Oona Kivela, Marion Crampe, Cleo, Hanka Venselaar and Alethea Austin who did a dance and floor work routine due to a rib injury.  Felix Kane also made an appearance on stage to chat with the host (instead of performing, which was a surprise).

All the performances were so different and equally amazing, but our favourites were Marion Crampe and Hanka Venselaar. Oona Kivela also had everyone talking with a performance very different from her normal style - and for asking everyone to be quiet.

After the showcase was the Mighty Grip after party where we all got to hang out with our new friends and the pole stars.  There was also a dance off with pole stars busting moves on the dance floor surrounded by a circle of excited fans cheering them on.

We also got to hang out with some fellow Brit polers including Justine McLucas, Sarah Scott, Jo Dandridge and Stacey Snedden.

Day 3
Nursing a hangover from the party the night before we headed for KT Coates Pole Aerobics class to help wake us up. It was a fun packed high energy session and we made some new friends too.

After a cool down it was time to take one last look round all the vendors to snap up any last merchandise, and to enjoy the group performances. The convention was quieter on the last day with many people having to get their flights home and it was sad to say goodbye to our new friends.

Having not known what to expect from our first pole convention, we had a great time, we met some amazing people, made new friends, met our pole idols and watched some jaw dropping pole performances.  We were continually inspired and proud to be part of the pole community.

See more photos from Pole Con 2012 here 

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