Lorna Ticknell Interview - Bucks Pole Fitness Championship Winner

Posted: May 22 2012

The Bucks Pole Fitness Championship 2012 was an amazing event with some brilliant and inspiring performances.  We talk to one of the winners Lorna Ticknell to find out how she feels to be a winner and her love of pole...

1.Congratulations on winning the dance/performer category at the Bucks Pole Fitness Championships. How does it feel to be a winner?
Thank you - It was lovely to win, I haven't won anything before and I have also never had so much fun taking part! It really was a great experience being up on stage, cheered on by the crowd and then being announced the winner was fantastic, I haven't stopped smiling!

2.Have you entered any competitions before and will you be entering more competitions in the future?
I did enter the Pole2Pole amateur cup last year, but didn't place. It didn't put me off at all and made me work harder for this years BPFC. I am due to compete in the intermediate category at SWAPC on 26th May, this is really out of my comfort zone and I am really nervous already!

3.How and why did you first get interested in pole dancing?
I moved into a new area away from my home town and wanted to do something to meet new people. I had looked at Pole Dancing before and spotted some flyers at my local gym for a free taster session so I went along.

4.What was your first lesson like? How did you feel?
I was really nervous and cancelled the free lesson twice before I went! But eventually I worked up the courage and went in. It was so much fun, I was almost instantly addicted! So I went back (even though the day after I needed to use two hands to change gear whilst driving!) and have never looked back.

5.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most? 
Most of all its the social aspect, I have made so many friends doing it and adore being part of this community. I love to perform and to show off (as everyone secretly does!) and it has helped boost my self confidence and made me feel happy in my own skin.

6.What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
This is a hard one!
1) I like the Butterfly, it has so many variations and can be transitioned in so many ways.
2) I like Handspring, I cant do it yet but it looks so impressive and demonstrates strength and balance in equal measure.
3) I also like the Iguana Lift into pencil and fallen angel, it never fails to impress!

7.What are the main fitness benefits of pole dancing and how has pole dancing improved your fitness, strength or body shape?
Pole Fitness benefits your whole body, it gives you muscle tone and strength that you cannot achieve by doing endless amounts of weight repetitions in the gym. We spend hours at a time essentially doing chin-ups with our own body weight which is no mean feat. Personally it has allowed me to drop a stone and a dress size and become fitter than I have been for years.

8.What pole performers do you admire or inspire you?
My pole idol has to be Bendy Kate, I love watching her perform and she was my inspiration to get into competition. I have met her a few times and taken part in her workshops, I can only dream to be as strong as flexible though!

9.If someone has never tried pole dancing before how would you advise them they to get started? 
I think when you start to learn that you should seek out a teacher who you feel comfortable and safe with. Lots of what we do is dangerous, you can fall and you can hurt yourself, but you also need to make sure you have fun too. There are lots of great schools and great teachers out there so I would definitely recommend taking lessons to start with.

10.Would you recommend pole dancing?
Absolutely, it has given me confidence that I never knew I had, it has given me some of my closest friends and most of all given me something to be proud of.

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