Pole Factor Finals 2012

Posted: May 07 2012

The Sat Nav had a mini meltdown and directed us out into the middle of a field, but we finally made it to Easterns Nightclub in Sudbury for the Pole Factor Finals. 

After a late start, the event finally kicked off with a routine by Precious Burlesque, followed by MTM radio’s Kyla White’s sultry tones as she sang some timeless classics. Next up we were treated to a beautiful contemporary pole performance by Judge David Zongoli, who’s little white shorts were a talking point for the rest of the evening.

As the finalists too to the stage to be introduced by even host and organiser, Catherine Dachtler, many could hardly speak as the nerves were starting to show. 

Judges on the night were, Kyla White, MTM Radio, Zara Jane Berry, UK Pole Artist Champion 2011 and David Zongoli, Italian Pole Champion.

First to perform was Lindsey Coventry, who is a mum and has been pole dancing for 2 years. She wore a funky hat and danced to circus style music.

Next up was Phillipa Reason who danced to contemporary music and wore an eye catching blue sequinned dress, with blue feathers to match on her ballet shows.

Gemma Davies wore white and danced to Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’, upping the game in the competition with many advanced tricks in her routine.

Essex Uni Pole Dancing Society patron Sophie Logan was next on the pole and she had the added pressure of performing in front of her boyfriend for the first time.

Mum of 2 Sadie Hollinsworth was amazingly graceful in her contemporary routine.

Sarah Verrel got the crowd going with her routine to the music from Dirty Dancing.

And finally, but by no means least Rebecca Howard who wowed the crowd and judges with her amazing routine featuring moves such as the Iron X and phoenix whilst sparkling in a cute silver and metallic blue outfit.

After the first round of performances the top 3 were announced, who would go on to dance again and battle for the all important title.  They were; Gemma Davies, Rebecca Howard and Sadie Hollingsworth.

We were then treated to the 3 top performances again.  Could they nail their routines for a second time or up their game to give a little extra? Rachel Howard looked likely to take the winning position as her tricks and fluidity were amazing, but the battle for second of third was on between Gemma and Sadie. 

The final results were:
1) Rebecca Howard
2) Gemma Davies
3) Sadie Hollingsworth 

Congratulations to all the finalists.  It takes huge courage to go from being a student to getting up on stage and performing in front of others.  Let’s hope some new stars of tomorrow have been discovered! We’ll be watching.

See photos from the Pole Factor 2012 Finals here

More info on the pole factor here http://www.pole-factor.com/

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