7 Reasons To Love Pole Dancing

Posted: Feb 16 2015

As love is in the air this Valentines here's 7 reasons to love pole dancing by our pole fitness ambassador winner Katarina Hromnikova...

1. Pole dancing is a lifestyle.
Pole dancing can become a hobby, an addiction, it can change your life! What else in life is fun and good for you?!
Once you try it, you will fall in love with it and never look back.

2. Pole dancing is an exercise that's fun and challenging.
You will never get bored with it and it will change your body shape!
Pole dancing works most of major muscle group. With regural practice you can expect to see greater strength and tone in the abdominals, thighs, shoulders, arms , glutes and legs.
It will improve your flexibility, body awareness, coordination and balance.

3. Pole dancing helps you meet new people and build strong friendships.
Us poledancers share a unique bond and understanding that can't be found anywhere else! Students support each other's growth in the class. We help each other no matter the age, body shape or religion. We are all in it to perfect every move and push each other to master them all to our best ability.

4. Pole dancing will make you more confident and proud of your body what ever shape you are!
In order to perform more advanced moves we must have the proper amount of skin exposure. We are in it together! We don't judge each other! We are not in the class to observe each others shape and inperfection but to work hard, sweat and get bruised together :)

5. Even men can do it!!!!
The number of men pole dancing is growing every year! Their natural upper body and core strength makes them ideal candidates for advanced pole tricks. There is nothing nicer then watching a toned guy performing pole dance..... hmmmm yeeeessss

6. There is no excuse not to try it!
Do you think you have to be skinny to try it? Do you think you have no coordination and can't lift your own body weight? Or you have two left feet and can't dance?Or you are too old?
You will build your strength and flexibility as you go along and learn and practice.

7. Pole dancing can also be an emotional healing.
The physical benefits are amazing but the feeling you get from mastering a move is incredible!!! While practising you wil forget about problems at work or what to cook for dinner.
It's an incredible feeling when you learn how to hold and control your own body weight in the air.
It's the time just for you, pole and your fellow pole friends. Enjoy it!Keep practising and never give up if you get stuck with move.

Pole dancing, to me, it's both dance and sport combined together into one beautiful art.

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