Justine McLucas Biography

Justine McLucas is the presenter of Pole Motion - An Introduction to Pole Fitness

Justine McLucas is one of the elite polers of Great Britain and a respected performer and instructor who runs her own pole school Ecole de Pole. Her skills and knowledge from a career as a professional ballerina and qualified fitness and pilates instructor make her the ideal person to trust with your pole dancing tuition. 

You may also recognise Justine from appearing on series three of the Sky 1 show Got to Dance, where she wowed the judges in her audition gaining three gold stars.

Justine started dancing at the age of 3, training in ballet, jazz, contemporary and singing throughout her childhood. With Honours in her RAD Advanced Ballet training, and a quarter finalist in the prestigious Prix de Lausanne competition at the age of 15, she was soon accepted to the Hamburg Ballet School where she completed her professional ballet training and performed with the school and company on stages around Germany. After an injury left her unable to dance en pointe, Justine went home to Australia and began working in finance. A keen interest in studies and a passion for South East Asian culture, she completed a Bachelors Degree in Arts (Asian Studies), with a triple major of Asian Studies, Anthropology and Thai language. Financial services however led her to trading and collateral management in leading investment banks in London in a successful career spanning almost a decade.

But her true love has always been dance, and fate would have it that a gym in central London in early 2007, tempted Justine to try their Pole Dancing classes - and she was captivated, motivating her to train and start performing again, this time in the world of cabaret and acrobatic pole dancing, where she has already established herself firmly amongst the elite polers of Britain, building a solid reputation as a respected performer, choreographer and instructor, and was recently invited to judge and guest perform at the heats and Finals of the UK's biggest Amateur Pole Dance Competition, UKAPP, and to represent X-Pole as one of their feature models and exhibitors at shows and on their website.

In entering Miss Pole Dance UK for the first time in 2009, Justine made it straight through to the finals and was awarded Best Costume and in 2010 won the London Pole Divas Professional heat, and went on to place 2nd in the Grand Final in Manchester.  Entering Miss Pole Dance UK again in June 2011, Justine tied for 1st place on points and was finally awarded 2nd place after the tie breaker… she was also named Best Entertainer. Justine was also a finalist in the World Pole Championships in Budapest and has reached the final 25 in the International Pole Championships to be held in Hong Kong. 

Her brilliant shows, with their stylish and classy choreography, her elegant, graceful movements, jaw dropping tricks and flexibility makes Justine an all round highly entertaining performer and has landed her parts as a feature dancer/ pole dancer in music videos for Bryan Ferry, RnB sensation Femii, rock band The Violet May and in the Cyclops Vision film, Babes of Baghdad. She has also worked at London Erotica, with the Fuel Girls, and at the Wam Bam Club cabaret show at Café de Paris, London, performing on the pole, the Can Can and Vegas Showgirl numbers.

With her own school, Justine wants to impart her passion for the art of Pole Dancing to others as a means to both improving fitness and expressing one’s artistry through movement.

Her skills and knowledge from a career as a professional ballerina and qualified Fitness and Pilates Instructor make her the ideal person to trust with your pole dancing tuition.

Visit Ecole de Pole's website here.

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