Meet Gemini Gohil - Pole Fitness Ambassador Winner 2016

Posted: Jun 17 2016

Say hello to our 2016 pole fitness ambassador! Introducing Gemini Gohil...

1.Congratulations on being our second Pole Fitness Ambassador of 2016. How does it feel to be chosen and how do you hope you can inspire others?
I'm honoured. I never win anything and thought much the same would happen when I entered this competition. I hope people will see me in my 'real skin' and realise that pole has no prejudice and we should be proud of how we look as we are perfect just the way we are.

2.Tell us about your journey in pole and how it has had a positive impact on your life?
Pole has helped me gain confidence in showing my bare skin ... I started lessons wearing t shirts and longish shorts and now I don't care who sees what... I am who I am. I entered my first pole competition about 9 months after starting and it really made me see a completely non judgemental side of competing. No one care about my skin nor made me feel awkward... They just loved my combination of salsa and pole. It made me smile!

3.Tell us about your favourite pole move and why you chose it for the competition?
I chose the dragons tail for the competition as it's actually my nemesis move which is so intermittent (even today) and getting it that day was such an amazing feeling

4.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
The way I can be someone else. I can be my inner self, my own Sasha Fierce, my alter ego.

5. What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
My favourite move? Gosh there's so many... But I really like planches (not that I'm very good at them but they look really cool when you do). I also love the simplicity of a butterfly or leg hang... They were the first poses I did and when you do them well they can look amazing! The butterfly took months to master but when I did it was amazing! There's others too but like I said too many to remember... The q, superman (took me 18 months) brass monkey (another nemesis) , iron x( not that I can do... Yet!)

... I think in order though

Dragons tail for sure
Butterfly simple but elegant
Lady planch (at least I think that's what
It's called)

7.What pole dancers do you admire or inspire you?
Sarah Scott, Lisette Krol - love how they may strong look sexy Alex Schukin for his pure funk and style and Dan Rosen (he's helped to release my alter ego through stripper style).... Also my instructor Andrea Tozer for all of her patience and feet (and other body parts) in her face!

8. How do you think pole dancing has evolved over the past few years?
It's so amazing how now if I say I pole people don't instantly think of me as a stripper but instead they recognise it as a form of fitness and ask me I can do the human flag! Lol!

Saying that though, there are some eyebrows raised at times by my work colleagues. People will always have narrow minded views until they understand something. Ask me before I started Pole, I may have had some misconceptions too. It's come far.... But there's still a long way to go!

9.Three words that mean pole dancing to you.
Tough (perseverance is crucial )

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