Pole Fitness Ambassador Competition Winner 2013

Posted: May 07 2013

Our pole fitness ambassador competition with Millie Robson has sadly come to a close and now it’s time to announce the winner!

But firstly we want to thank everyone who entered and shared their favourite pole strength moves and stories with us.  It was very heart warming ready your journey’s in pole and the common theme has been how pole dancing has helped so many of you overcome lack of confidence and the community and sense of belonging it has given you.  It makes us so proud to be part of something that can have such a positive impact on people’s lives. 

And to the winners.  We were unable to chose only one winner so we have chosen one overall winner for the photoshoot and 2 runners up who’ll get pole motion goodie bags.  And if that wasn’t enough everyone who entered will also receive a voucher to spend at polemotion.com and Millie Robson Photography. We will also interview everyone who entered the competition for our site to showcase their stories and love of pole to help inspire others. 

Winner – Stefani Kate Robinson
We liked Stefani because her pole story really touched us. Pole fitness has been the only sport or exercise Stefani has been passionate about as like many girls she struggled with the gym and didn't get into any kind of sport such as netball or hockey. 

Says Stefani: “Pole is not only great for your body and that side of things, but also great for your happiness. Before pole I suffered quite badly with depression and finding pole has helped me overcome that, the community is so friendly I've met some great friends and every aspect of it has been a positive influence on my life that I wonder why I didn't pluck up the courage to come to a class sooner.”

We also liked the shoulder mount tuck, lower and pull up move chosen as her favourite strength training move as it an be done by polers of all different levels to really work their abs.

1st Runner Up – Sophie Logan
We liked Sophie because of her tireless efforts to promote pole dancing in a positive way at University and beyond. 

Says Sophie: “the majority of my life is now influenced by pole dancing, and I couldn't be happier and it has made feel part of a community of amazing people who all share the same passion and love as me. pole dancing offers something to everyone; any age, gender, experience or ability”

The move Sophie chose as her favourite strength training move is also a move that even beginners can do and it helps increase arm strength which may girls say they don’t have. It’s simple but effective and is harder than it looks. 


2nd Runner Up – Becky Smith
Becky proves that mums can do it too and explained how pole has encouraged her to step outside or her comfort zone and take on new challenges. 

Say’s Becky: ‘Before I started doing pole fitness 18 months ago I would never have imagined that I would never be, wearing tiny shorts and a crop top!  I would recommend pole fitness to anyone, whatever size, shape, age and personality.  You don't need to be an extrovert, ultra-fit teenager; I'm a shy, 37 year old mum - if I can do it, anyone can!”

 Becky chose her favourite pole strength training move as the controlled chopper repeater and how it suits all levels with different grip and leg positions. Again a basic move that most level of polers will be able to do with variations to increase the intensity. 

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  • Posted by Kate Edwards on May 08, 2013

    Great choice of Stef to win! She is by far THE most dedicated poler I have taught. She works so hard every time she comes in and never gives up. An inspiration to all other polers!

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