Lincolnshire Pole Championship 2013 Preview

Posted: Jan 21 2013

With the all new Lincolnshire Pole Championships taking place in 3 weeks, we talk to event organiser Emma Addison to find out more...


1.The second edition of the Lincolnshire Pole Championships will take place on 9th February. How is the event shaping up compared to last year? 
We are really excited about this year. It’s the seconds Lincolnshire Pole Championships, but the first year it's been run by Polenastics Lincolnshire and we have made lots of changes. Again we have a fantastic panel of judges, Donna Gant, Pippa Caesar, Arlene Caffrey, Stacey Snedden & Valeria Bonalume.  We have more competitors this year and the spectator tickets are already sold out too! We have also moved the competition to Grand Central, Skegness. It’s a great venue with a stage Clearly visible to all and an upstairs balcony viewing area too. We are also really excited to have 3 performances this year from Donna Gant & Sam Willis, Arlene Caffrey & Valeria Bonalume. 

2. What was the standard of entries like this year? 
We are excited to see all of our competitors perform this year. The 2012 Professional champion Rachel Stroud is back to defend her title and many of last year’s performers are re-entering. We also have more competitors this year and we have added a doubles category.  

3. Tell us about the competitors.  Who are the finalists in each category?

Sharon Parker
Danielle Stothard
Kim Simpson
Stacey Chaney
Holly North
Emma Collins

Julie Stead
Julie Moss
Lauren Tomlinson
Emily Mulholland
Amber Pennant
Fiona Bacon

Jenny Couling 
Katie O`Shea
Jessica Howden
Emily Jones
Laura Ellis
Zoe Cabot

Sam Cotterill & Mandy Fair
Penny Dent & Sam Sproson

Laura Louise Hudson
Annalisa Muresu
Nadena Brass
Lisa Oxtoby
Rachel Stroud

5. As well as all the amazing competitors you also have a panel judges. Tell us about your judges and how the competitors will be marked.

We have a fantastic panel of judges, Donna Gant, Pippa Caesar, Arlene Caffrey, Stacey Snedden & Valeria Bonalume and points are awarded for fun/enjoyment, performance, proficiency & technique.  

Valeria Bonalume: Judge & Performer
Valeria  is the Current Italian Pole dance champion & she also competed in the World Pole Dance Championships in Budapest and the IPSF Worlds in London.  Valeria will also be performing on the day, 

Donna Gant- Judge & Performer 
Donna Gant, Know by most as The UK Spin Queen has a massive 13 years of experience on the pole. Donna has entered and won competitions and also has vast experience as a judge and competition trainer. Donna will be performing with her dance partner, Sam Willis. 

Pippa Caesar – Judge 
Pippa is the owner and director of Polenastics Ltd & the creator of the Polenastics Championships. Pippa has experience of competing & is a renowned international judge. 

Stacey Snedden - Judge
Stacey is the sales manager from X-pole, who are one of our main sponsors today and she also runs her pole school, Stacey Pole. Stacey has a wealth of experience as a judge and competition organiser. 

Arlene Caffrey – Judge & Performer
Arlene has really vast experience as a performer, FIVE times Irish Pole Dance Champion!! And burlesque performer. Arlene will be performing and opening the after party with a Burlesque performance.

6. What do you feel your event contributes to the pole dance community and pole dancing in the North East of England. 
The Lincolnshire Pole championships really do bring all of the local schools together. It’s the only event of its kind in our area and we work hard to ensure that everyone is included. Preference is given to students and instructors in the Lincolnshire area to ensure that local schools have a chance to showcase their talents.  

7. How do you think pole dancing has evolved over the past few years?
It’s really great to see people’s opinions of pole changing. Unfortunately, in Lincolnshire I have had personal experiences of the stigma attached to Pole Dance & Fitness, however, this does seem to be changing. There is now a good choice of experienced pole instructors across the county, working together to move forward, and it’s great to see classes becoming busier with more people trying pole fitness. 

8. Where would you like to see pole dancing in the future?
Continuing to grow and flourish and change negative opinions. I’d also like to see more men involved. 

9.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
I love the Buzz from teaching, I am really lucky to have some amazing students and friends involved in classes. I still really love the challenge that pole brings me. I still have nemesis moves and still do a victory dance when I finally nail them, I love the journey. 

10. What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
I love a good spin, I think they are a little underrated, A love a BIG reverse grab or corkscrew spin. Scorpio variations, simple and pretty and shoulder mounts, Love them! 

11. what are your favourite strength training moves on the pole and why?
Shoulder mount stalls, pretty and strong. I like practicing lean outs too! I also really rate arms only climbs for building control and strength. We use them in our pole circuit classes! 

Find out more about Emma and Lincoln Polenastics here

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