Interview with UKPPC Winner Vicky Peacock

Posted: Dec 24 2012

December was a great month for pole dancing competitions with the UK Professional Pole Performer finals taking place in Telford. It was a fantastic event, with all the finalists performing to a a sold out venue. We caught up with one of the winners Vicky Peacock to find out more about how she got into pole dancing and how she feels to be a winner...

1.You won at the UKPPC 2012 finals, taking the instructor category title. How do you feel being a winner and will you be entering any more competitions in 2013?
I feel very honoured to have won the Instructor category, I wake up in the mornings and think did that actually happen :o) I would like to enter more competitions and I hope there will be one for me in 2013. I would also like to encourage my students to compete next year.

Watch her winning performance here

2.How and did you first get interested in pole dancing and what made you become an instructor/performer?
A friend of mine was attending lessons and she asked if I would like to come along. initially I thought of the stigma attached to Pole Dancing and didn't think it would be for me, but I was so wrong! An opportunity to teach presented itself at the studio I attended as I my instructor was unable to teach on this particular day so the studio owner asked if it was something I would be interested in :o)

3.Tell us about the pole school you teach at?  How long have you been there?  Any special students or success stories?
I run Spin Dance Fitness Studio in Frome, Somerset. I have been teaching since 2007 but have been in our current studio since june 2010. I see all of my students as being special in their own individual way, we have built a lovely supportive community at Spin Dance it really feels like an extended family. I have a couple of students who have physical disabilities and their tenacity always amazes me every time I teach them! They do not let their disability stop them from trying to achieve their pole dancing goals. We have new mums who are getting their pre-baby figures back and students that are simply gaining confidence and finding their own style of pole dancing. They are all great!!!

4.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
Pole Dancing has completely changed by body! I love the way that it has sculpted my figure into the toned strong figure I see in the mirror every day. Pole dancing gives me a massive sense of achievement! When I can accomplish a move/hold/spin etc that I have been working on for weeks/ months its the best feeling ever! I love how athletic and gymnastic it has become, its art!!

5.What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
1. Gemini - so simple yet so pretty.
2. Anything twisty grip - it looks so strong and powerful 
3. Cacoon - I love the shape especially when performed by a a very flexible pole dancer 

6.What are the main fitness benefits of pole dancing and how have pole dancing improved your fitness, strength or body shape?
1. you get stronger 
2. stamina improves
3. you can improve your flexibility
4. AMAZING core strength
5. You can lose weight
6. Tones your body

Pole dancing has really toned my body and when i first started learning pole dancing I lost 1/2 a stone without trying, my clothes began to feel very loose. I am much more flexible and I am able to maintain this by stretching every week, and i have an incentive to keep stretching as there are certain pole moves that require you to be resonantly flexible. I think my core muscles are stronger and look better than they did before I had my twin boys in nov 2009.

7.What’s your favourite move for strength training on the pole?
Climbing the pole is fantastic for strength straining. Alternating on both sides so that you are using your non dominant side as much as possible. Seated climbs from the floor with straight legs, "side climbing" the pole (pole behind your inside leg, using outside foot to grip and push…on both sides).  Air walking, with the different grips (reverse, traditional or cup grip) great for building shoulder strength.

8.What pole performers do you admire or inspire you?   
Marlo Fisken 
Estee Zakar
Oona Kivela
Bendy Kate
Jess Norris

9.What’s next for you in the coming year?
I have won a photo shoot with Millie Robson so I am doing that in Jan. I am going on the X-Pert Pole Fitness training course at the x-pole development centre in February. An aerial hoop course with Spin City in April. I organise a charity showcase every year for my students and instructors so I will begin planning for that after the summer :o) exciting!!

10.What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying pole dancing for the first time to convince them to give it a go?
I would say come and give it a ago!! I didn't think it was for me until I seen it for myself. its fun and your will feel a real sense of achievement. 

11. Three words that sum up pole dancing for you?
Art, Strength & Flexibility

Find out more about Vicky and her pole dance studio here 




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