Zoraya Judd Masterclass

Posted: Nov 05 2012

This month we were lucky enough to meet pole dancing icon Zoraya Judd and take one of her masterclasses at the Fitness Hangout in Goldalming.

Taking a masterclass may seem daunting and you might be worried that you will not be good enough, but it's a great way to improve your pole skills and make new friends.  

Zoraya is such a warm and friendly person and she was quick to make everyone feel at ease, welcoming everyone with a big hug.  Joined by her husband Nic, the couple made everyone feel good about themselves and their ability no matter what their level.  Zoraya also worked the room making sure everyone got quality one to one tuition to master each new moves in the class and Nic was also on hand to help. 

There was a great team spirit in the class with everyone helping and encouraging each other to keep trying and master the new moves.

All in all, it was a fun packed 90 mins and we would highly recommend taking a masterclass with Zoraya when she is on tour in the future.  

We're feeling inspired and more confident and can't wait to see Zoraya and Nic again! 

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