European Pole Dance Championship Winners 2012

Posted: Oct 29 2012

Each October the European Pole Dance Championship takes place in The Netherlands and here are the 2012 results.  Congratulations to all the finalists. Click the winners names of each category to see videos of their winning performances. 

European Pole Dance Champion 2012 (Professional Category Results)
1st Natalie Schonberber (Germany)
2nd Orsolya Pall
3rd Heidi Hildersley
4th Birgit Groll
5th Yvonne Smink
6th Jasmin Kuhne
7th Annie Norris
8th Samantha Fabbrini  
9th Elise Jacobsen
10th Susana Imaginario
11th Sonia Allcock
Disqualified No Show Serbia (Maja Pantic)  

European Pole Dance Champion 2012 (Champion of Champions Category Results)
1st Hanka Venselaar (Holland)
2nd Erika Yakovleva
3rd Mona Arbinger
4th Elisa Jo
5th Anzhela Kulagina
6th Sally-Ann Giles
7th Sarah Cavenaile
Disqualified No Show Poland (Joanna Derybowska) 

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