Interview with Pippa Caesar

Posted: May 18 2012

With the Bucks Pole Fitness Championships just around the corner we talk to event organiser Pippa Caesar to find out more...

1.Tell us more about the Bucks Pole Fitness Championships? How and why did you start the event?
Why? Cos we wanted an excuse to get some wicked polers from around the country all in one place at the same time and watch our fabby students and instructors strutt their stuff to their families to show how amazing they are.... How? No idea, the whole team worked on ideas then Hollie Smith and I (my super Bud and Polenastics instructor) started looking at venues. We asked our pole heros if they would judge and perform and they said yes! We asked polers if they wanted to compete and they said yes! We put tickets on sale and they sold! So BPFC was born last year. Both Hollie and I have done event management so we worked well together. My background is B2B marketing so I used some of that to get the word out and we all LOVE pole and that helped grow the buzz. Last year was a roaring success - Glory Pearl was the glue that held it all together, so this year we wanted bigger, better, more categories and SEATS WITH PERFECT VIEWING FOR ALL!

2.What’s it all about? Where will it all take place, who’s taking part and what can we expect to see? 
The event will take place at 3pm on Saturday 19th May at Woughton Lesire Centre, Milton Keynes. Categories are Dance/Performer, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional/instructor, Males and Doubles with award winning judges and compare including; Miss Glory pearl, Stacey Snedden, Deb Riley, Jess Leanne Noriss, Donna Gant, Tess Taylor, Jamie Taylor and Bendy Kate. The event also has outstanding industry support and highly motivated competitors from all walks of life making this years event even bigger and better than before.  We can't wait! 

3.Who were last years winners?
Beginner: Gemma Hopkins
Intermediate: Remmi Kidwell
Advanced: Daniel Rosen
Professional: Nicole McIntyre

4.How has the standard in pole dancing improved since you started the competition?
The standard of pole improves DAILY! I cant wait to see what we are presented with this year.... I expect slightly less nerves and more thought to the WHOLE performance and not just tricks. 

5.How and did you first get interested in pole dancing and what made you become an instructor/performer?
I went to class in 2006 to take the mickey out of a friend that told me she was learning to 'pole Dance' I got hooked, loved it, started doing 5 1/2 hrs a week, bought a pole, jammed with friends at my house - the usual. I was asked to teach alongside Emily (The Fabulous! who originally started up Emily's Vertical Art in 2003 which is now Polenastics Ltd) in 2008 and I took over the company in 2009 making us Polenastics Ltd - so totally random really, I went to a fitness class and from that very SECOND... My life changed.

6.What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most? 
That with effort, its ALL possible and that there is no limitations. I go to a pole class and I come away with a new skill, a new trick, a new technique. I go to aerobics and I come away sweaty and thats it, just sweaty. There is no euphoric feeling that I nailed a grapevine, no class cheering me on when I alllllmooooost touch my toes for the 5th time and no bunch of friends that I then meet down the pub and have random convos about how many times I step-touched last night.....

7.What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why? (It can be your current 3 or all time favourite 3) 
Just 3?! Awww Man..... combo spins, the longer the better and on a static spin, as many different things you can chuck in as possible, I have one I uploaded earlier this yeat you youtube, the cyclone and I LOVES it.... Caterpiller and how dramatic and how sassy you can make that look if you try both up and down the pole.... And Anastasias Arrow as its gravity defying!

To find out more about The Buck Pole Fitness Championship click here

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