Justine McLucas wows the judges on Got to Dance

Posted: Jan 08 2012

Justine McLucas wowed judges on the Got to Dance show on Sunday 8th January with a beautiful and graceful routine that kicked off the show. 


Justine started dancing as a ballerina, but after suffering a serious ankle injury that left her unable to dance en pointe she had to reconsider her options and ended up working in investment banking. 

In an emotional interview Justine said “I tried lots of different careers, but none of them really had the same effect. I found pole dancing in the gym and I was just captivated with the whole thing. To have this opportunity now to rekindle a career I thought I’d lost and could never have again is just really amazing. This is my last chance I guess now that I’m 30 to really go on stage and do this!”

After a standing ovation and three gold stars from all the judges, Kimberly Wyatt said  “You’ve take pole dancing to a whole new level and you’ve made it beautiful and you’ve made it translate to a wider audience.  You have such beautiful feet and lines and legs and strength.  Just absolutely phenomenal.”

Ashley added “That was incredible. You gripped that pole in ways that poles should not be gripped. I love it when someone brings a style of dance and makes it their own, shows that it can be done brilliantly and gets on to the shortlist as that’s what this show is all about.”

Adam said “It was mesmerising” before being persuaded to have a go himself, much to the excitement of the audience and the other judges. 

Bendy Kate also featured on the show and was also given 3 gold stars and shortlisted for the next round. 

Watch Justine's audition online here

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  • Posted by Sunil on March 05, 2012
    THANK YOU!! Your candor and htsoney are refreshing! As a dancer and instructor, I have always touted the empowerment the pole dancing/exotic dancing/stripping has given to me, and is a gift I hope to pass on to others in my charge. I will NOT sign the petition for pole in the Olympics for every single reason you noted in your post. This has created some animosity between myself and other instructors, but I have been fortunate enough that I am surrounded by amazing and professional women who respect our rights to differing opinions. I know many aren’t so lucky. I tell others that I’m a fundamentalist when it comes to pole ideology, and that as a former stripper I DO remember where I came from. I embrace it and cherish it for the strength it gives me to help be a pioneer in this industry. So again, thank you for speaking for those of us who agree, as we are right here to support you!
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