Pole Motion 2011 Round Up

Posted: Jan 08 2012

Firstly we’d like to thank everyone for their support. Thanks for the pole love! :-)

We’ve met some amazing people, made lots of new friends and are feeling truly inspired and excited about 2012 – we will be working hard to spread the word about pole fitness to even more people worldwide.  We've also gained a lot media support in the past year and Pole Motion has also featured in Fitness TV, Glamour Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine, The Sunday Mirror and handbag.com to name just a few.  We’ve attended some great events, seen some jaw dropping performances, interviewed some of the world’s top pole dancers and have been continually amazed by the friendliness and supportiveness of everyone in the pole dancing industry.

So, here’s our round up of our 2011.  We hope it brings back some good memories of your year in pole too. :-)

January: January was busy with preparations for the filming of Pole Motion: Pole Fitness DVD Volume 1, which included lots of rehearsals and script writing.

February: In February we filmed the DVD. Filming was a full day from 8am until 11pm and hard work for the girls, but they kept smiling throughout and were true professionals. See behind the scenes photos here. 

March: In March we launched the first ever pole dancing survey with X-Pole international and finished editing and authoring the DVD.  This is when we found out that filming was only the tip of the iceberg and there was so much more to do! 

April: April was all about promoting the DVD - we held a Press Day at the Future Gallery in Central London and sent lots of copies to journalists.

May: In May we continued the DVD promotion campaign and released the results of the pole dancing survey on UK Pole Dancing Day.   

June: In June we attended Miss Pole Dance UK where Justine McLucas was runner up and names Best Entertainer. 

July: In July we were invited to feature in a photoshoot for Glamour Magazine to show how Pole dancing can give you body confidence and the DVD was named one of the top 10 fitness DVD’s by handbag.com 

August: In August we attended the Taylors Retreat Weekender which was lots of fun, and the DVD went on sale on Australia. 

September: In September we attended the UKAPP finals at Batchwood in St Albans and the DVD went on sale in America. Here’s an interview with one of the UKAPP winners, Georgie Frey. 

October: October was all about competitions. We attended the UKPPC Semi Finals, the British Isles Pole Champion Finals and were invited to teach the Nuts magazine staff to pole dance.   

November: In November we went on holiday for a well deserved rest and some sunshine and took part in the Fitness TV show 'Fit Gear' in a program for their new series about Pole dancing fitness.

December: In December we attended the UKPPC finals and announced the Pole Motion Chin Up Champion of 2011. 

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  • Posted by Michael on March 05, 2012
    before that I like the aranchy in the sport/dance. And the baseline requirement of the Olympics is a governing body. The way pole is set up now, as a hobby/dance/sport shared on-line and in studios, there is much variety in it. I totally agree with your comments about pole having its roots in stripping and that the sexual/sensual nature of pole is valid and shouldn’t be condemned. In fact, I sometimes cringe when I see the I am not a stripper comments. Some of my You-Tube pole pals ARE strippers and I often feel that must go like a knife through their heart. But I do feel that pole can survive the Olympics and diversification. I am a male poler, I don’t dance I am one of those (poor) gymnastics tricksters, lol! But Hockey is in the Olympics and boys and girls still shoot pucks across the pond without a governing body! And despite Lance Amstrong and the Tour de France, people still ride bikes for fun and exercise. Sexy/dancey/sensual pole will always exist regardless of the Olympics! /joel
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