Interview with Millie Robson - Pole dancing photographer

Posted: Jan 08 2012

As well as pole dancers instructors and performers, there are many other people working in the pole dancing industry and helping to spread the positive vibes. We talk to Millie Robson who specialises in pole dance photography and portraits to find out more...

1.How did you first get interested in photography and how long have you been a professional photographer?
I first got into photography when I was doing my art foundation course. I specialised in fashion because I originally wanted to be a fashion designer and every project we did, we designed, made and photographed the outfit. I soon realised that I much preferred doing the photo shoot part. J My business has been set up since June 2008.

2.What kind of photography do you specialise in?

On the Millie Robson website... as well as pole dancing i photograph nudes, fantasy portraits, headshots, burlesque, location shoots. I also have anther website which is for babies, pregnancy, kids, weddings etc... 

3.How did you become interested in taking photos of pole dancers?
Throughout Uni I worked as a pole dancer and totally fell in love with pole dancing and I did a few photography projects for my degree with the pole. I just think it's so beautiful when someone puts on an amazing show! I used to watch and think to myself this would make wonderful photos!

4.What is it about taking photos of pole dancers that you enjoy the most?
I love seeing the human body in such incredible shapes, it's just brilliant! Some people can do such amazing positions and do it so beautifully and gracefully when you know it takes the most incredible amount of strength. 

5.Which pole dancers to you admire or inspire you?
My favourite dancer at the mo’ has to be little Bendy Kate, her winning performance at UKPPC was just BRILLIANT! I loved everything about it, the concept, the music, the props... Her musicality is perfect and so fitting to each trick she does. Every time I watch her perform she gets better and better :) 

Anther favourite of mine is Oona Kivela, I really love her style, she's very dramatic & very powerful. There's so many other dancers I love to watch too... Maria Luz Escalante, Hanka Venselaar, Jenyne Butterfly etc... The standard is so high now, I'm wondering how they can all better themselves even more!

6.Which pole dancer would you most like to do a photoshoot with?
Hmmmm, that's a tough one but I think most of all I'd like to do a shoot with Jenyne, I think she'd make wonderful photographs.

7.What’s next for you in the coming year?
Next year I want to do some travelling with my photo shoots, I've been offered to go to the USA a few times but I just need to get myself organised and sort it out!  I also would love to do an exhibition, maybe even a book... I've already agreed to do anther Perfect Pole Year calendar as it sold really well :) 

There's so many other ideas I have for pole photography but I need more room, my studio is great and I'm very thankful to have the space in the house (thanks Mum) but to create my other ideas I'm gonna have to rent a bigger studio. In general though next year I want to go global :)

Find out more about Millie and see more of her amazing photos here

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