UKPPC Finals 2011

Posted: Dec 12 2011

Since the semi finals in October, we've been really excited about the UKPPC finals. 

Taking place at Highlight on Birmingham's Broad Street, over 400 tickets were sold to the finals. The atmosphere was electric and all the competitors had support from their fans who had travelled the length and breadth of the country to attend the event.

Event organisers Kate and Varie were constantly running round making sure everyone was looked after and judges on the night were Elena Gibson, Donna Gant, Kat Williamson, Stacey Snedden, Lucy Misch, Miss Glory Pearl and PDC founder Sam Remmer.

We had a great time meeting everyone at our stall and the new styles and colours of Mika clothing were well received and snapped up fast. Big thanks to Laura from Spinny T Bags for helping me unload the car. 

The night started with the Instructor Category, moving on to the Professionals, then the highly anticipated Elite. 

All the finalists had put so much effort into their performances, with amazing costumes, dance styles and eclectic music choice.  The stand out performance for me was Karen Chaundy with a truly original and entertaining routine, giving Justine Timberlake a run for his money!

Amazingly Amy Williams was performing after giving birth to her daughter only 8 months previously and Annie Norris who won the Elite category was in A&E earlier in the week with a broken foot! Just goes to show you can't keep a girl off her pole! 

Congratulations to all the competitors! Can't wait for next year. 

The final results:
Instructor winner: Kristina Walker, Runner up: Nicola McIntyre
Professional winner: Bendy Kate, Runner up: Lauren Red
Elite winner: Annie Norris, Runner up: Karen Chaundy
Sponsors choice: Sarah Scott

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