Interview with Stacey Snedden

Posted: Sep 13 2011

With the UK Amateur Pole Performer Competition just around the corner we talk to one of the event founders Stacey Snedden, who is also one of the UK's most active pole ambassadors, runs her own pole school Stacey Pole and is a Mum of 2 - how on earth does she fit it all in!?!

Upside down and lovin' it!

1. How and did you first get interested in pole dancing and what made you become an instructor?
I started poleing when I first did a class in 2005, I did 2 hours and it nearly killed me. I loved it so much and it gave me so much confidence. I then met Clive at X-Pole and started working for him which encouraged me to teach.

2.  What is it about pole dancing that you enjoy the most?
I love being able to just DANCE, sticking on my heels and sexing it up or taking off my shoes and pretending to be a pretty princess on the pole. Its the ability to be able to loose all inhibitions when I dance. Also I love that it is so supportive and encouraging.

Stacey and her girls strutting their stuff at the Taylors Retreat Weekender in August 2011

3. What are your 3 favourite pole moves and why?
ooohhhh I think Hand spring, Jade and probably a good old reverse grab :) I LOVE spinning

4. What are the main fitness benefits of pole dancing and how have pole dancing improved your fitness, strength or bodyshape?
After having 2 children Pole is helping me to get back into shape again, it is helping to tone me and loose my wings and belly. I still have to work out but pole is shaping me. The main benefit is just to keep up moving and get mums into some kind of fitness instead of sitting and doing nothing.  

5. You are also behind the UKAPP.  Tell about this years competition and the finalists.
This is our 3rd year of UKAPP and it's bigger than any other year and we have produced some great talent over the years who have gone on to become champions across the world. This year has been an amazing competition with some wonderful themes and some CRAZY experts. We have also added the double category which has been so much fun.

6.  If someone has never tried pole dancing before how to they get started?
If you can’t make it to lessons get a pole you can get one from X-pole for £149.99 and get a DVD. I highly recommend Pole Motion, Justine Mclucas is an amazing instructor and the DVD is a fantastic instruction DVD. Once you have learnt the basics just practise, practice practice... If you go to lessons, go to a basic class first start slowly and remember that EVERYONE gets bruises and everyone aches afterwards - its normal :)

6. What’s next for you in the coming year?
WOW the next year is insane for me, I have lots of tours coming up and am an international judge travelling to Italy and Ireland. I will also be guest speaking at the pole convention next year so am very excited about that. 

Find out more about the UKAPP here

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