Pole Fitness DVD Volume 1

Posted: Apr 03 2011

Stuck in a gym rut? New year fitness regime not working?  Then spin your way into shape for summer with a new workout that’s much more fun and works the whole body. 

Pole Motion is a dynamic new fitness DVD, showing you the benefits of pole dancing and the versatility of the pole as a piece of fitness equipment, enabling you to improve your fitness whilst learning an artistic new skill. Featuring some of the best club tracks from Cr2 Records, Pole Motion is a fun workout for the whole body. 

Pole dancing has fast become one of the hottest fitness trends - it works the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength.  Owning a pole at home has never been easier or more affordable in comparison to other home exercise equipment such as rowing machines and treadmills.  

In Britain’s first pole dancing survey 98% said they improved their upper body strength as a result of pole dancing and 90% said they felt more confident, so if you’re stuck in a rut with your regular gym routine, trying a pole fitness workout could be the answer.

Featuring top pole instructor Justine McLucas from Ecole de Pole, the Pole Motion workout features: 3 easy to follow lessons with over 20 beginner’s moves, 4 routines, 3 tone up sessions to strengthen and tone muscles, a warm up routine and stretch out session as well as special bonus features.  

Get in motion and see how pole fitness can improve your muscle tone, strength and flexibility in a fun workout for everyone.

The Pole Motion website will also be a one stop shop for everything you need to get started in pole fitness selling poles, clothing, mats and more.

Contact nikki@globalpublicity.co.uk for more information, review copies, interviews with Justine McLucas and Pole Motion founder, pack shot, press photos and finished copies for competitions.

Release Info:

Pole Motion - Pole Fitness Volume 1
Release Date: 9th May 2011
Recommended Retail Price: £19.99

There will also also be a digital music download to accompany the DVD release in collaboration with Cr2 Records, which will feature tracks used in the DVD, video clips, bonus tracks and mixes.  A mobile app will follow. 

Notes to Editors:

The Survey results are from Britain’s first pole dancing survey, which was put together by Pole Motion and X Pole International. Running from February to 31st March 2011, the survey aimed to find out the main reasons people pole dance, the fitness benefits people have experienced, how many people have lessons or own a pole at home.  The survey received over 700 responses and was conducted online using survey monkey and direct at exhibitions such as the Clothes Show Live. 

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  • Posted by leah on September 29, 2011

    is there shipping to the US available? and if so, what is the currency conversion? thanks!

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